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Lucy Hedges popped in to talk tech and here are her picks of the week:

Website of the week –

This is a website about anything that’s creative, interesting and fun in the world of design, art, photography, technology, furniture, lifestyle, humour, advertising and pop culture. It publishes news and features related to the world of creativity and innovation – it can tell us what countries around the world are eating for breakfast, show us the world’s first calendar made of tea and a point us in the direction of pizza.


App of the week – Snoopify Sticker Camera, iOS and Android

This is a photo-sharing app that gets fans to take photos and give them the Snoop Dogg-theme treatment by adding virtual stickers. Snoop has made a name for himself as an early digital adopter - he was on Twitter in 2008, Instagram early 2011 and Google+ in early 2012, and also became one of the first hip hop artists in Rock Band game in early 2009.


Gadget of the week – Smart Dog Leash

This is the Swiss army knife of dog leashes. The smart leash essentially thinks for the dog owner, organizing everything they could possibly need for a daily walk around the block / run around in the park / hiking adventure. It has an LED flashlight, an LCD clock and a built-in water bowl.



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