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MPFree: Goddam Nobody - Cut And Paste To Waste

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Howdy! Today’s free download…well, there isn’t much known about the enigma that is Goddam Nobody, but he’s giving away this song, described as “1950s inspired dream pop”.

Download Goddam Nobody - Cut And Paste To Waste

Goddam Nobody isn’t a nobody, he’s Matthew Oliver from Falmouth and has recorded this all on his own. This is from the debut EP of the same name, and that’s about all we know about him. Is he going on tour? We don’t know. Is he working on an album? We’re not sure. Why is he making music? We have absolutely no idea, but this track is a slice of jaunty lo-fi pop greatness, complete with wind effects and organ. What’s not to like? It’s available as a free download and a limited pizza box containing a pizza CDR, all courtesy of The Pizza Club. Pizza. 

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