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This weeks' Memory Tapes come from Emma Robinson, who risides and that there Australia. She says: “My friend Anna was on the show a few weeks back with the first volume of our Action Women tapes - she said you guys enjoyed it so much that you might be interested in sampling another vintage, so here is the track listing for Action Women volume 4!


"Fast forward a few years to a point where me might actually be legally old enough to be doing interpretive dances in our local indie discos, only to find that we still are. You know the story of how these tapes came into being so I don't need to retell it - but I will tell you that I sat in my house in Australia crying happy tears listening to Anna on the internet, and then danced around laughing like a giddy fool to the whole of the moon. Funny how music can so instantly transport you to a very specific place in your life.


"I have two young daughters (3 years, and 3 months) and I have so many hopes for their lives, but one of my biggest is that when they are in their thirties they can talk to the friends of their teenage years and share memories and music like this. The world seems a scary place to be young these days but if they have friendships like these I know they will be safe.


Anyway.....on to the music!"


1) Pop Will Eat Itself-Karmadrome

Prodigy- Out Of Space

Abba- Dancing Queen

Offspring- Gotta Get Away

Cypress Hill-Insane In the Brain

WOnderstuff- Welcome To The Cheap Seats

Underworld-Dirty Epic

Sultans of Ping- Wheres Me Jumper

RATM- Killing In The Name Of

Suede- Animal Nitrate



2) Transglobal Underground- Templehead

Violent Femmes- Add It Up

Curve- Fait Accompli

Credit To The Nation & Chumbawumba- Enough is Enough

Daisy Chainsaw- Love Your Money

Leftfield- Open Up

Primal Scream- Movin On Up

Oasis- Live Forever

Mcalmont & Butler- Yes

The Cure- Just Like Heaven


Prince-Get Off


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