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Memory Tapes: 7 June 13

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We do all enjoy a good memory here on the show, and when add some great music into the mix you have a winning combination. Today's Memory Tape comes courtesy of Jenny Brear in Cambridgeshire and she likes music to remind her of home. Here's her story:

“It was actually hearing Laura Marling in session last week that prompted me to get in touch. Since 1993 I've lived periodically overseas because of my husband's job. And yes I have suffered the ignominy of having to walk in to a record store in Stockholm to ask for a tune I'd heard on a beer ad on the telly.

"Our last location was Nicosia in Cyprus where I listened to British Forces - soldiers' music tastes tend to go in a very definite direction (James Blunt features regularly as the military is very loyal and consider him one of their own). I returned home in 2009 completely out of touch with my kind of music in the UK and I asked my student daughter, Rosie, to give me a mix tape as a Christmas present. The only stipulation was that it had to be stuff I'd never heard before. She knows my musical "form" (which all started with Kate Bush and lead to Bjork).

"As you'll see it was my first exposure to the XX, Beirut, John Mayer, Lykke Li and ……Laura Marling.  We did eventually get to see her live in Norwich Cathedral, one of the most enchanting, engrossing, haunting musical evenings I've ever had. Especially as she delivered the entire performance to a host of angels in the rafters that clearly only she could see.

"So as a Memory Tape it links to that rather lovely time when I returned to this country and was hoovering up new music wherever I could find it. 6 Music gave me Public Service Broadcasting but Rosie gave me Laura Marling.

"On a rather more lowbrow note, the other legacy of this mix is a probably doomed but dogged determination to play Beirut on the ukele.”

The Home Mixtape

Nantes / Elephant Gun – Beirut

Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Made Up Love Song – Guillemots

Caesar feat Robyn / Bohemian Love – I Blame Coco

Better Than / Nowhere Man– John Butler Trio

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room / Daughters – John Mayer

All is Love / Heads Up – Karen O and the Kids

Ghosts / My Manic & I – Laura Marling

Little Bit / Let It Fall – Lykke Li

Welcome Home Son / Wrapped in Piano Strings – Radical Face

Midsummer Night Blues – Waldeck

Basic Space / Crystalised – XX


If you want to send us your Memory Tape, then drop us an email - similar to the format above - and you might find yourself on air chatting to Lauren about it:

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