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Memory Tapes: Songs For Adam

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Today's Memory Tape was sent in by listener Alex Speirs, who tells us about the loss of her very good friend Adam Savory, and the soundtrack to their cycle ride for him. 

"Music has always been a massive part of my friendship circle, attending gigs and festivals together regularly. There pretty much isn’t a song I listen to that doesn’t have an awesome memory attached to it; be it sinking beers in the south coast sunshine together or the sweat and majesty of a brilliant gig. 

In September 2012 my one of my best friends Adam Savory died suddenly of a severe form of altitude sickness at just 25 years old. He was a fit, healthy and intelligent man. He was traveling in Cusco Peru at the time with another close friend of mine when the tragedy struck. He became ill very quickly and before anything could be done, he was too far gone and passed away. Losing a great friend so young and in such an unfair way is something we will never fully come to terms with.

Since Adam passed his parents with the help of close friends of Adam’s have set up an amazing charity called Para-Monte (meaning beyond the mountains). This is a charity dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of traveling at altitude. This can happen to anybody, young or old. Altitude affects every person differently and there is no way of telling how a particular person will or won’t be affected. The charity hopes to stop more stories like Adam’s. I genuinely believe that this charity will save someone’s life in the future. 

So back to the music! Adam was a huge music fan and loved anything from The Kinks to Dillinger Escape Plan, which could be heard booming from his Ford Fiesta on a sunny afternoon. The idea of this memory tape came around because on 1st August, me and 14 of Adam’s closest friends and family embarked on an epic fundraiser for the charity. We will be cycling from Eastbourne (Adam’s home town) to Poppel in Belgium where he and his family spent many holidays and the 400k ride will not be do-able without some decent tunes along the way! I have put together these songs that remind me of the great times we all had with Adam. We will enjoy and reminisce over these during the grueling cycle.

Although his life was far too short we consider it to have been an honour to have known such an amazingly funny, intelligent, charming, brutally honest, loud, and utterly ridiculous man." 

Songs for Adam

Heartbeats – The Knife

Dedicated Follower Of Fashion – The kinks

Lets Stop Hanging out – Reuben

Pattern Against User – At The Drive-In

Supertribe – Errors

Save You’re Scissors – City And Color

My Delirium – Ladyhawke

Special – Mew

Thanks For The Killer Game Of Crisco Twister – Minus The Bear

By The Way – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Mr Brightside – The Killers

Lose It – Austra

Rock Your Socks – Tenacious D

Alt-J – Tessellate

Joy-Discovery-Invention – Biffy Clyro     

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