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This week's contributor on Memory Tapes is big-bag-of-eclecticism Brandon Isleib, who writes...

"A couple years ago, four of my very close friends - sisters Alyssa and Ashley, their brother James, and his best friend Robert - moved away at the same time. They moved 2300 miles away, so this wasn't a "catch up with you in a few months?" kind of thing. As a music geek, the most personal thing I know to give is music, so I made mixes for each of them based on what they liked.

"The trouble was that they all liked very different things. Alyssa liked electronica; that I could work with. Robert (the best friend) liked just about anything; that I also could work with. But James was into...rap / hip-hop? And Ashley was into oldies-ish pop? These are not facets of my collection. Hoo boy. Additionally, in honor of James' and Robert's friendship, I took it upon myself to create parallel mixes for them, where they each had roughly the same artists in the same order but with stuff each of them liked separately. Aaaand everyone also got a strange cover tune. Why these extra hoops? Because academic challenges rarely get to play the personal touch.

"I also made one of how I wanted them to remember me, all those miles away; this was easier to assemble. I don't know how much they listened to them, but when you're driving 2300 miles across America, you take each and every mix tape you can get, and hopefully it meant something to them."

For James:

1. BT - Movement in Still Life

2. Daft Punk - Da Funk

3. Moby - Honey

4. The Budos Band - Unbroken, Unshaven

5. Stereo MCs - Creation

6. Charlatans - Missing Beats (of a Generation)

7. Monty Python - Live from the Parking Lot at the Silbury Hill Theatre

8. Fortran 5 - Layla (Derek Sings Derek) [this is Derek Nimmo singing the Derek and the Dominoes track]

9. Chemical Brothers - The Boxer

10. They Might Be Giants - Wicked Little Critta

11. Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag

12. Groove Armada - Suntoucher

13. Massive Attack - Risingson

14. Deadly Avenger - Blade

15. DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

16. Flight of the Conchords - Leggy Blonde

For Robert:

1. BT - Everything's Gone Green

2. Daft Punk - Digital Love

3. Moby - Run On

4. The Budos Band - Black Venom

5. Stereo MCs - Connected

6. Charlatans - Page One

7. Monty Python - Live Broadcast from London: Premiere of the Film

8. The Electric Chairs - Barbie Girl [acoustic-ish cover on the Orb's Back to Mine mix]

9. Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path

10. They Might Be Giants - We Want a Rock

11. Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Deep Ellum...Hold On

12. Barry White - Playing Your Game Baby

13. Massive Attack - Angel

14. Deadly Avenger - We Took Pelham

15. DJ Shadow - Stem/Long Stem ** Transmission 2

16. Flight of the Conchords - Bowie

For Alyssa:

1. Saint Etienne - Action

2. BT - Always

3. As One - Contours

4. Underworld - Two Months Off

5. Pet Shop Boys - Where the Streets Have No Name (Can't Take My Eyes Off of You)

6. Chicane - Don't Give Up

7. Leftfield - Afrika Shox

8. Blu Mar Ten - Nobody Here

9. Peter Gabriel - Growing Up

10. Massive Attack - Teardrop

11. Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground

12. Everything but the Girl - Before Today

For Ashley:

1. Massive Attack - Safe from Harm

2. The Outfield - Voices of Babylon

3. Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You

4. Soulstice - Lovely

5. Sarah McLachlan - Angel (Dusted Remix)

6. Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl

7. Shara Nelson - One Goodbye in Ten

8. Gus Gus - Starlovers

9. Carl Cox - Dr Funk

10. Groove Armada - My Friend

11. Delerium - Innocente

12. Blu Mar Ten - Drive

13. Duran Duran - Ordinary World

14. Ashley MacIsaac - Wing-Stock

Of Myself:

1. Genesis - On the Shoreline

2. 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days

3. Crowded House - Distant Sun

4. BT - Remember

5. Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit

6. Jazzanova - Soon

7. Blu Mar Ten - By the Time My Light Reaches You I'll Be Gone

8. Genesis - Blood on the Rooftops

9. Porcupine Tree - Gravity Eyelids

10. Underworld - Dirty Epic

11. Ozric Tentacles - Crackerblocks

12. Distant (Rubicon II) - VNV Nation

13. Hybrid - Break My Soul

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