Today's Memory Tape-r comes from love struck listener Harriet Titmus. Here she explains how she put the tape together for her boyfriend.

The Catalyst  

I'm sending you my memory tape as it holds a special place in my heart, as it was a mix tape that was the catalyst to start my relationship with my boyfriend, Rupert. 8 years on and I feel compelled to share this playlist alongside some other songs that have been special for us both as a couple.

Some background on how this playlist finally brought us together….. Despite his attentiveness and my feelings for him, I resisted starting a relationship due to previous horrible experiences which had left a bitter taste in my mouth. Due to my nervous disposition around falling in love, I made my position clear and we decided to remain friends. A big part of our friendship had always been music, and we would talk at length about artists or albums we loved and go clubbing together.

Following this Rupert decided to leave 10 CD’s for me which were his favourite albums and sent me an email entitled ‘Music, pure class!’ describing why they were the most influential to him, and why I would like them. This beautiful gesture was the clincher for me, and my true feelings for him were suddenly crystal clear. I knew that someone that shared the same passion for music that I did, and cared for me so much to do such a lovely thing was someone too good to lose. As cheesy as it sounds we've both always believed that a song can change your life, and I like to think that this personalised mixtape did change ours!  

Music is still a massive part of our lives; from sharing new stuff we’ve heard, going to gigs together, compiling our own Desert Island Disc style playlists, or spending time reminiscing about older stuff we love. This playlist triggers lots of happy memories of singing, laughing, dancing and concludes with our most favourite song of all, Les Fleur.     

1.     All That You Give – The Cinematic Orchestra

2.     The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice – Aim

3.     Summer Sun – Koop

4.     Twice – Little Dragon

5.     We Haven’t Turned Around - Gomez

6.     All I Need - Air

7.     Let Go - Frou Frou

8.     Blue Blood – Foals

9.     Morning Sun – Plump DJ’s

10.   Cris Chana – Wagon Christ

11.   Superstylin’  - Groove Armada

12.   Racing Green – High Contrast

13.   Got To Be Real – Cheryl Lynn

14.   Les Fleur - Minnie Riperton 

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