's Lucy Hedges comes in every week to give us the lowdown on tech news and gives us her picks of the week. And they are thus:

App of the Week – DabKick, iOS, Free

This is a video call app that lets you share your screen and phone content with your contacts in real time whilst you chat. It’s geared primarily to share photos, videos and music and you can share with friends even if they don't have the app.

Gadget of the Week – Sage Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

This is the first ice cream maker that automatically senses how hard the mixture is based on your setting selection then keeps it at the right consistency for up to 3 hours until you’re ready to serve. It even plays an ice cream van tune when it’s ready!

Website of the week –

Upload your Facebook profile picture and it’ll be hand drawn by another Facebook user somewhere in the world. To receive the finished portrait, you must complete and upload a drawing of a randomly assigned person’s profile picture, and you can draw as many people as you like. Your work will then be added to a gallery.


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