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MPFree: Nap Eyes ­– No Man Needs to Care

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Like a thoughtful response to Pavement’s slacker anthem, ‘Cut Your Hair’, today’s MPFree comes from woozy Halifax quartet, Nap Eyes. ‘No man needs to care,’ they muse, ‘about another man’s hair.’

Download Nap Eyes ­– No Man Needs to Care

Nap Eyes are Nigel Chapman, Josh Salter, Seamus Dalton, and Brad Loughead adn this cut comes comes from Whine of the Mystic, the first full length release from the Canadian band which is available now. It’s a corker – full of pensive, wonky post punk, and the moody wonderings of Chapman, who has said in interview, ‘ I think sometimes to myself, ”Why would I want to be a singer? Why do I want to be the centre of attention when I hate being the centre of attention?”’ Not exactly your typical frontman.

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