Every week, Stuff.TV's Lucy Hedges pops in to give us all the latest in tech and gadgets. And, she gives us her picks of the week, and they are thus:

Gadget of the Week – LG G2 Phone

THis has been called it the best smartphone in the world right now – and one of the most powerful. It has an unconventional design with 1080p video and a 13MP camera so you can get impressive shots in low light even without flash on.

App of the Week – Lime&Tonic, iOS (available online)

This is a digital concierge service for access to one-of-a-kind dining experiences, unique activities and discovering hidden gems

Website of the Week – justareflektor.com

Arcade Fire have released an interactive music video, which turns viewers into participants and your phone into a visual effects controller; interact and visually alter content and virtual light sources with your smartphone – making the viewer the ‘Reflektor’

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