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MPFree: Pastel Colours - She Can't Decide

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We normally like to ease you into the week with some loveliness with the MPfree, but this week’ we thought we’d get things started with a BANG!  

Download Pastel Colours - She Can't Decide

Pastel Colours are Falmouth five-piece and this is only their second single, the follow-up to debut ‘Hands Like Silk’. It seems they formed earlier this year and are already making waves on the sea of psychedelic music that’s out there at the moment **see Temples for more**. The track was recorded by “two guys in a basement making the best of cheap and broken equipment.” Released through Art is Hard's Pizza Club, which is a singles club in which each single – when purchased - is accompanied by a limited run of pizza boxes, containing a pizza CDR. Cheesy!  

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