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MPFree: Stephen Steinbrink - Now You See Everything

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Every day on the Lauren Laverne show, we play out a track that is available for free download. We like to call it the MPFree – see what we did there? -  and today’s comes from a “Pop songwriter from Sonoran Desert, Arizona, United States, Earth.” 

Download Stephen Steinbrink - Now You See Everything

Stephen now lives in Olympia, Washington – Nirvana territory no less – and started out with his band French Quarter a few years back. He’s now recorded six full length albums, and his latest offering, Arranged Waves, will be released on 14th July. ‘Now You See Everything’ is the opener and it’s a fantastic cut of indie lo-fi as seen through the ears of Steel Dan, complete with lush strings and a strange feeling of summer. The guy’s apparently always on tour so we’re crossing our fingers he makes it to this side of the pond. 

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