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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:20 UK time, Friday, 28 September 2012

This week's Memory Tapes was sent to us by James Newey, who writes...


"I made this compilation for a recent road trip around Spain with a friend of mine. We were fortunate enough to be lent a car for the 2000km we covered (I suppose a huge thank you is owed there!), but disappointingly this car did not have the facility to connect an ipod. As I am a little anal about composing compilation tapes, I saw this as a great opportunity to comprise a mix for each of the long journeys we took.


"The list I am sending you was for our first trip from Madrid to Zaragoza and probably my favourite mix of the bunch. It's a fairly diverse selection peppered with many of my favourite tunes at the time. Including a few Shuggie Otis, This Is The Kit and Culture tracks and is a compilation I still listen to occasionally whilst cycling to work.


"The trip itself was brilliant and a real fond memory. Many of the tunes here will live in that happy place and it always brings a smile to my face when I hear some of the below choices."


Here's the tracks...


1. Elegy For Mr Peach - DJ Rupture

2. Elijah - Culture

3. Rockford Rock - Sound Dimension

4. Bionic Dub - Dub Specialists

5. Tramp - Otis Redding

6. Bootie Cooler - Shuggie Otis

7. Babyon`s Big Dog - Culture

8. Gangsters - Specials

9. Boogaloo #3 - Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers

10. Boogaloo 33 - Quantic & Alice Russell

11. Me & My Woman - Shuggie Otis

12. Burning Spear - Breakestra

13. Showbiz Interlude - Breakestra

14. Soul Power 74 - Breakestra

15. You`ve Got The Love - Jamie XX Remix

16. Django Django - Default

17. I Knew - Lightning Dust

18. Humans - Rozi Plain

19. Tangled Walker - This Is The Kit

20. Danse Carribe - Andrew Bird

21. Teary Eyes & Bloody Lips - Moonface

22. Piscine - Francois & The Atlas Mountains

23. Do More Dancing - This Is The Kit

24. Les Fleur - Ramsey Lewis


Please, feel free to send Lauren your Memory Tape...



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