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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 09:55 UK time, Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mr Stuart Dredge returns with more app reviews, mainly...


Musicians releasing music as apps

Adam Jansch (son of Bert!) released his Futures EP for iPhone, and claims each track will sound different every time you listen to it (1,418,633,882,621,706,240 possible outcomes for one of them).


The Sonnets by William Shakespeare (iPad)

This is from the same people who did The Waste Land (Faber and Touch Press) - every one of Shakespeare's sonnets read by famous actors (David Tennant, Sir Patrick Stewart, Fiona Shaw etc) along with notes, expert interviews and so on. Have MP3 to play too, if useful.


Podcasts (iPhone / iPad)

Podcasts might not get hyped as much as a few years ago, but they're still really popular. Now Apple has launched a standalone Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad, to help you find podcasts to listen to, and subscribe to your favourites.



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