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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:20 UK time, Friday, 13 April 2012

Your Memory Tapes today is a story of music and boys, and is told by the lovely fashion blogger Liberty London Girl aka Sasha Wilkins...


"In my early teens at our all girls school, my sister & I were friends with Annabelle, who knew boys who knew music. And that was that really. Boys & music. Ever a potent cocktail.


"Annabelle didn't just introduce me to The Smiths (lifelong love) & The Cure, she brought into school C90 mix tapes, filled with screechy, stop start recordings of bands like The Pastels, The Weather Prophets, & The Brilliant Corners plus all the bands of the punk era.


"This is my only mixtape remaining, & I still play it in my car's cassette deck, and get as much pleasure from singing along as I did back in 1988. And when people bang on about cheesy mainstream 80s music, I remember that frisson of superiority I had in my teens every time my schoolmates slapped another Bros poster on the common room wall. And thank Annabelle for lifting me into a world of music that has been the soundtrack of my life ever since."


And here's the tracks.....



Weather Prophets. Almost Prayed

The Buzzcocks. Ever Fallen in Love with Someone

The Jasmine Minks. Cut Me Deep

The Smiths. Miserable Lie.

The Undertones. Wrong Way

Primal Scream. All Fall Down

The Pooh Sticks. Sex Head

The Smiths. This Night Has Opened My Eyes

The House Of Love. Christine

The Chesterfields. Two Girls And A Treehouse

The Smiths. Pretty Girls Make Graves

The Brilliant Corners. Jim's Room



The Smiths. I don't Owe You Anything. (Album: The Smiths

The Undertones. My Perfect Cousin

The Wedding Present - This Boy Can Wait

The Undertones. Male Model

Furniture Brilliant Minds

The Buzzcocks. Oh S**t!

The Jazz Butcher: Lot 49

Rodney Allen. Will It Rain Tomorrow

The Undertones. Teenage Kicks

Pooh Sticks. On Tape

The Buzzcocks Orgasm Addict

Jesus & Mary Chain. April Skies

The Undertones. Here Comes the Summer


You can email your Memory Tape to Lauren too you know....



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