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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:20 UK time, Friday, 9 March 2012

Today's Memory Tapes guest is 6 Music new boy Peter Serafinowicz. The Actor, comedian and music buff is currently in pulling a six week shift in the 10am to 1pm slot on Saturday mornings.


The mix he's given us is a collection of songs put together for his sister, they are...


Scenes from South Yorkshire - John Shuttleworth

Transmission - Isolee

Hammer/Anvil - Kelly Polar Quartet

Float - Zomby

Poppy Seed (Boards of Canada Remix) - Boom Van Loon

Shock Out - Danny Byrd

Modalisa - Chilly Gonzales

Hey Bulldog - Beatles

The Snow Leopard -Shearwater

Wat Pomp by Die Antwoord!!

Aviator - Photek

Two Librans - The Fall

Kong - Bonobo

Flashin' Outro - Feadz

Rainbow in the Dark - Das Racist

Memories - Charles Trees

Supreme - Mogi Grumbles

Are You A Big Boy DJ - Si Begg

Suzanne And I - Anna Calvi

Pop The Glock - Uffie


Inspired? Email Lauren your Memory Tape and come on the show to talk about it.



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