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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:50 UK time, Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mr Stuart Dredge guides you through the week's app news and releases...




Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds/Adele (iPhone / Android)

It's Noel's new app with news, videos, social features. Adele also has an App with similar features.


Blendr (iPhone)

This is the latest location dating app, but it's heavily tipped because it's from the same people that made Grindr - the most popular app for gay men to meet one another. Now the company behind it is trying a version for heterosexuals. You wander round looking at who's nearby, then chat to them anonymously to decide whether to meet up. Grindr is absolutely huge in the UK and US, but opinions are split on whether Blendr will follow suit.


Groovebug (iPad)

Groovebug is great - an iPad app that scans your music collection, then goes out to the web and sucks down relevant articles and music that it thinks you might like, serving it up as a slick touchscreen magazine. If you've seen Flipboard - which does this for news articles - it's like that for music.


Banksy Bristol Tour (iPhone / Android)

Banksy's early days were spent scribbling graffiti around his hometown of Bristol, and now someone's created a nifty location-based app to show off those early works. If you're in Bristol, you can use it as a guide to find them, but if not, you can just look at photos and read about them - it's a partnership between a book publisher and an app company, so it's properly researched.




Tales From The Woods (iPad)

Magazine publisher Felix Dennis first came to fame in the early 1970s with Oz magazine. Then he built up Dennis Publishing, the company that makes magazines like Maxim and The Week. But he's also a critically acclaimed poet - this is his first iPad collection, with audio readings and video alongside the text.


Cinderella - iPad/iPhone

Cinderella is the second book-app from London company Nosy Crow - their first was Three Little Pigs - and it blends animation, interactivity and plenty of humour into something that's genuinely beautiful. Children tap and swipe their way through the story, with voice narration provided by other children, and lots of game-like touches. One of the most sophisticated book-apps yet for children - and a real sign of how picture books are evolving digitally.


MadPad (iPhone / iPad) and VidRhythm (iPhone / iPad)

Two apps in one go, since they're similar ideas. Both get you shooting videos with your iPhone or iPad, then remixing it up using the touchscreen. They're really clever and interesting, if a bit novelty - the idea being to get people making their own creative videos and then sharing them with friends.



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