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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 11:40 UK time, Friday, 23 September 2011

I say this every week, but it's been a strong week for MPFrees; it really has.


Your final installment comes from current favourites Friends. We've played the track 'I'm His Girl' a fair bit on the show, and now they're giving away the b-side for free. It's called My Boo and is a cover of Ghost Town DJ's track released back in 1996. You'll find it below with the other tracks for this week.


As for the artwork this week, we asked you for a photo of the choir you sing with to tie in with this week's People's Plalist. We went with this offering from Ricky Whaites of the male voice choir he sings with called 'Eschoir':



Your tracks this week are:

Phoenix Foundation - Bright Grey

Daughter - Love

Villagers - Cecelia & Her Selfhood

Wild Flag - Romance

Friends - My Boo


Some songs may no longer be available for download.



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