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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:00 UK time, Friday, 19 August 2011

Ah man, the story behind this week's Memory Tapes is an emotional one. Prepare yourself, and read on through this email from Nikki Crichton...


"The attached CDs were created by a dear friend of mine Will, in 2004. I'd recently finished with Will who, needed to tell me how he felt about me, by way of music. So, he brought a new CD to the bar where I was working, over three days. He didn't include a tracklist as he wanted me to find out what was what myself. These are a mix of tracks we had enjoyed together, tracks that he thought I'd like, or tracks with titles that would give me clues. It didnt win me over but I was mightily moved. We remained good buddies and to this day, many of the songs are favourites and make me think of Will.


"Unfortunately, three months after recieving them, he tragically died.


"An amazing friend Simon, who had never met Will but knew how much the CDs meant to me managed sneak away the original unlabelled discs. Simon has and still does, spend time compilating my taste. He secretly, digitalized them, named the tracks, designed the covers and made my birthday that year a particularly teary one."


Pretty amazing, right? Right. Here's the tracks, and look, one of them still remains unidentified! Anyone else busting to hear that track?



So that's the tracks, and here's the artwork created by Simon:



Come on, you know you wanna, email Lauren your Memory Tape.



  • Comment number 1.

    Great mix - thanks for posting the artwork. Sadly, age and failing eyesight mean that I'm struggling to read the tracklisting on CD3. Any chance you could post an image that's easier for old gits like me to read? Cheers.


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