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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 15:33 UK time, Thursday, 12 May 2011

On the show this morning Lauren was asking for your local colloquialisms to tie in with this week's Peoples Playlist. If you missed it, I advise you listen back. Below are a selection of our favourite words and phrases, compiled in to a glossary. Enjoy.


Plodging: A North Eastern term for paddling in the sea. Sent in by Tony Middleton


Nesh: An East Midlands term for someone particuarly susceptible to the cold. Sent in by Matt Gould


"Mind that gurt macky jasper, mind". Bristolian for "Beware of the danger represented by that rather large wasp". Sent in by Paul Radford.


Barmpot: A Lancashire/Manchester term that means idiot. Sent in by Elspeth Potts


Eatin' irons: A Co. Tyrone phrase for cutlery. Sent in by Ian McLaughlin


"She thinks she's no goats toe": A term for someone who thinks she's the best. Sent in by Ian Jones


"Yer tis snuh": A Somerset saying meaning 'yes it is, my good friend'. Sent in by Matthew Bowden


'The drewth': A Scottish term for being incredibly thirsty after a night's drinking. Sent in by Tony Middleton


Scritching: A cornish term which means crying, ie 'That maid never stops scritching. Sent in by Chris in Newquay


Forkytail: A Scottish name for an earwig. Sent in by Anna



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