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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 10:16 UK time, Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bad Film Club


Here's a head's up for an event to get booking for later this month.


Bad Film Club is celebrating its 5th birthday with a special screening at London's Barbican Cinema on Jan 26th. As the name suggests, Bad Film Club is a club devoted to bad films. It's run by a comic double act called Nicko and Joe, whose philosophy is that, whilst watching a bad film on your own can be soul destroying, watching it in company can be hilarious.


Armed with laser pointers, the duo point out many of the film-maker's errors, ropey dialogue and creaking sets. They are often joined by other comedians, including the likes of Stewart Lee, Robin Ince and Brendon Burns. Audiences are allowed to shout out their own criticisms and generally join in.


The 5th birthday treat they are serving up is the 1997 film Anaconda starring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson and Jon Voigt - now there's a mismatched team. Apparently this has been chosen by regular Bad Film Clubbers as their favourite. The plot revolves around a kidnapped National Geographic film crew in the jungle being terrorised by a giant CGI snake. The tag line is "Remember, you can't scream if you can't breathe."


This should be really fun. I'm sure the guys will put on an extra special show with it being their birthday and in the Barbican and there's bound to be some good comedy special guests.


Saturnalia Beer Festival and Mountain Bike Chariot Racing - Fri 14th &Sat 15th


This comes from the people who brought you the World Bog Snorkelling Championships and the Man Versus Horse Marathon, it's a Roman-themed beer festival culminating in the World Championship of Mountain Bike Chariot Racing.


Over the last year of doing this events guide, I've noticed people often stick 'World Championship' onto something to make it sound more exciting and I have to be honest, I'm not sure teams of mountain bike chariot racers are going to be travelling from across the globe for this.


It's in Llanwrtyd Wells in South Wales, which, with a population of 601, claims to be the smallest town in Britain (601! I've got more Facebook friends than that). For some reason, the town has become a bit of a Mecca for these sorts of strange events.


Saturnalia is a Roman-inspired food and drink festival at the town's Neuadd Arms. It's inspired by an original Roman winter festival in honour of the God Saturn, where slaves and their masters would change places for some bacchanalian revelry.


You can sample such delicacies as Lumbuli Assi Ita Fiunt -small roasted lamb's testicles and the locally brewed Absinthium Romanum. Don't worry, there are other less scary things like Pernae Cocturam (Honey Roast Ham) and Pullus Farsilis (stuffed chicken) and, of course, lots of beers.


Togas are optional...


And then, to work all the Roman food and booze off, on Sat 15th, there's the Mountain Bike Chariot Racing, where 3 person teams (2 on bikes and 1in the chariot) will race in true Ben Hur style through the Wales countryside..


To register a team, visit this site.


Greg Davies Stand Up Tour


And finally... Greg Davies


Greg is perhaps best known as Mr Gilbert on The Inbetweeners, but you'll also recognise him as one third of BBC 3 sketch team We Are Klang and from a whole host of panel games like 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Buzzcocks and, of course, Mock the Week (in the same way any actor worth their salt used to have The Bill and Casualty on their CV, 'as seen on Mock the Week' seems to follow almost any comedian's name these days...).


Greg's stand up has been getting rave reviews. His 2010 Edinburgh show, 'Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog' was nominated for the Comedy Award and he's just been nominated for The Times Breakthrough Award at the South Bank Show Awards.


He's touring the show round the country. It was meant to be just in the autumn but it's been extended now right through to June.


He's playing Norwich on 14th Jan, London's Soho Theatre 19th - 29th Jan and then loads of other places around the country.



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