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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 13:24 UK time, Monday, 2 August 2010

As I'm sure you all know, the Edinburgh Fringe kicks off this week. There's a dizzying 2453 acts at this year's festival, so we've plucked a couple out for you which caught our interest...


If you'd like to add a couple of your own, then use the comments board beneath this post.





Group: 19.29

Venue: Zoo Roxy

Date: 9th to 12th August

Time: 16.30


This is a kind of treasure hunt which takes you across the city where you "search for the door, escape with the bride and reach for something unreachable. Follow the clues and do what we say if you want to escape. But remember, there are choices, there are always choices."


Sounds good eh? Visit the group's website for more information.




Cabaret has grown this year at the Fringe with loads of shows taking place, two we picked out are:


The Crack

Venue: Assembly at Princes St Gardens

Date: through out August

Time: 21.20


This is high energy mash of variety, comic performances and stand up all woven together by Miss Behave (of the award winning La Clique).


Not one to take the kids to, but there are plenty of opportunities to book the babysitter.


Black Lantern Cabaret

Venue: Zoo Roxy

Date: 5-29 August

Time: 5.20pm


This cabaret is more music based and claims to 'redefine the late night cabaret for the twenty-first century'. As well as live music you'll also get spoken word, burlesque, break dancing and multimedia projections.


Live music-wise, expect everything from ska to hip hop to screamo. You'll definitely like something.




Arj Barker - Let Me Do The Talking:

Venue: Assembly Rooms

Date: 5 to 29 August

Time: 21.20


If you don't recognise the name then you should recoginse face. Arj Barker plays Bret & Jemaine's pawn shop owner Dave in Flight Of The Conchords.


He's bound to draw an audience on that role alone, plus Rhys Darby (Murray in Conchords) stormed it at last year's fringe, so the signs are good.





HMV Picture House - 22 August


I'm sure you're all aware of Zach Condon's Beirut, and if you are, then you should also be aware of how rare his UK appearances are. The only other dates on this short visit are in Eastbourne, Dublin and at The Green Man Festival. Should be special.



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