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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 14:39 UK time, Thursday, 19 August 2010

iPod Theatre


There's quite a few shows on the Fringe this year that are using iPods to give you an interesting theatrical experience - some of them even actually make you become one of the actors (not as scary as it sounds!)


Suspicious Package at C Too venue. There are shows throughout the day. You get to take part in a Film Noir - solving a crime around the streets of Edinburgh. It's surprisingly good fun.


En Route at the Traverse Theatre. Using an iPod and texts to your phone it takes you on a magical mystery tour of the city accompanied by music from Edinburgh-based musicians and a quite poetic narrative.


The Bench organised by the Forest Cafe - you and a stranger sit on a bench and have a conversation based on what the iPod tells you to say. It's strange, absurd, intimate and very memorable.


Check out all shows here.


And see my piece about iPod Theatre on The Culture Show tonight on BBC 2.


Bo Burnham


A 19 year old American musical comedy sensation, Bo Burnham has 60 million (!) Youtube hits and is signed up to do a film with Judd Apatow. His first Youtube video 'My Whole Family Thinks I'm Gay' racked up a million hits overnight. The buzz around him is incredible and it looks like he could well be winning an award this year. Fiercely intelligent too for a 19 year old.


Book now as the run is selling out. He's on at Pleasance Dome at 9.35pm.


Festival on a Budget


The Free Fringe and the Five Pound Fringe, even the International Festival is offering reduced tickets - this is a recession friendly festival.


If you're in Edinburgh, check out some of the Free Fringe shows, including stuff by the very talented Robin Ince.


And experiment with some shows you might not have heard of on the 5 Pound Fringe. There's loads of good stuff - Henry Paker in particular is getting quite a bit of buzz and Steve Pretty's Origin of the Pieces is very funny. Andrew O'Neill the 'occult comedian' is always worth checking out too.


And finally... a few Award tips


What used to be the Perrier Award is now the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award. It still counts big up here and sells a lot of tickets ever year you come back after winning.


I spoke to a critic friend of mine and he slipped me a few guesses about who might be on the award list next week.


So, there's good buzz around...


Bo Burnham - the rave reviews everywhere cannot be ignored, Newcomer or main award is the question...


Greg Davies - first solo stand up show from the big one out of BBC 3's We Are Klang, kind of like a giant Rick Mayall. He is very very funny. He's eligible for main award despite having done lots of Klang shows up there as this is his first by himself.


Sarah Millican - the South Shields comedian who won Best Newcomer in 2008 and is now a tip for the main award.


And Doc Brown - rapper turned comedian could be a good bet for best newcomer.


Could Kevin Eldon (off of Big Train,etc) - doing his first solo fringe show - be in with a shout?


There's always some surprises though so don't take my word for it!



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