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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 13:40 UK time, Thursday, 24 June 2010

Swamp Soccer Tournament: Sat 26th - Sun 27th June

If 3 matches a day hasn't satisfied your footie appetite and if you're worried that Glasto might not be muddy enough for you this year, I've found the perfect event for you - it's the Swamp Soccer World Cup. This is for people who like their football dirty. Swamp Soccer lives up to it's name, where footballers would normally complain about a muddy pitch, with this variant of the beautiful game the pitches are made as muddy as possible so players wade through thick bogs to try and kick a ball that constantly gets stuck. It's very funny to watch, kind of like football meets mud wrestling. Check out these pics here.


I think it originated in Finland but it seems to have found a home in Scotland. This is all taking place in Strachur in Argyll, not too far from Glasgow. There are 64 teams taking part from around the world, with names like Unathletico Mudrid, Hurt of Mudlothian and, my favourite, Mudchesthair United. I think you may still be able to enter a team yourself as the entry form is still on the website, otherwise you can just go and watch.


World Egg Throwing Competition: Sunday 27th June

Continuing the theme of sporting events that get messy, this Sunday sees the annual World Egg Throwing Competition happening in Swaton in Lincolnshire. According to the website this has been voted 'England's Most Unique Experience' - not quite sure what the criteria would be for that, but certainly I can't think of another World Egg Throwing Championships, so it is indeed unique.


It's not just any old egg throwing this, there are 5 different disciplines. Your basic entry level one is two people throwing eggs to each other with the distance constantly increasing. The pair that are able to throw and safely catch the egg the furthest win.


There's a team event where 11 people have to throw a whole egg box of 12 eggs down a relay of team members over 100 metres. There's also Egg Target Throwing where you throw eggs at one particularly unlucky person. Stepping it up a bit you can do Egg Russian Roulette - a tray of 6 eggs, 5 are hard boiled, one is raw. Two people sit opposite each other and brak them onto their forehead. The loser is the one who finds the raw one. And finally, best of all, Egg Trebuchet - people construct massive catapults to fire eggs across huge distances at people. Great. And you'll be glad to know that all eggs come from organically fed, free range, sustainable sources. There's a very funny video here.


Ghost Stories from 25th June

And finally, Ghost Stories, the rather blooming brilliant and very very scary play from League of Gentlemen writer Jeremy Dyson and Derren Brown's director Andy Nyman arrives in the West End on Friday night.


After a really successful sell out run at the Lyric Hammersmith, it's coming to the Duke of York's Theatre. Check out the trailer on the website with lots of people screaming and jumping in their seats. It's great and does genuinely make you scared.


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