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Jon Teamlaverne Jon Teamlaverne | 16:06 UK time, Tuesday, 13 April 2010

On Tuesday's show Lauren was asking for the stories behind the first band you were in as a teenager. We got some beauties, especially in the names department, which led us to thinking....


Wouldn't it be cool if we designed a poster for a fantasy festival featuring some of your bands? Yes it would. But then we remembered we don't design posters, we make radio - but you lot are a talented bunch and could definitely do a better job than us.


First out of the blocks is Gareth in Gillingham with this splendid effort...




Then arrived this splendid effort from Amy in Portsmouth:




Closely followed by this little beauty from Tara in Dublin:




So, who else fancies designing a poster for the festival? The best ones will be displayed right here, and have suitable praise poured upon them. Below is a list of our favourite band names, the only rule is you make Parcel Of Rogues, The Rigid Kids and Extreme Finess the headliners.


The other bands on the bill are...


The Psychedelic Bulldozers, Sans Merci, Riker's Kimono, Metropolis, The Active Girls, Love Me Naked, Tinge, Gnarly Deathchunks, Ritual Awakening, Warlock, Strewth, Jalopy, Flannel, My Radioactive Granny, Executive Vegetable, Wheels Of Avalon, The Agadoo Factory and The Thigh Masters.


As for the name of the festival (we thought maybe TeenStock), how many days, name of the main stage and where it's based is up to you. Keep it simple though we reckon, the band names are the real stars...


You can email Lauren your designs, and if you have any of your old band names to add, then you can send those too.


Get to it.



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