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Brighton players see the League One trophy early...

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Simon Plumb (LKO Blogger) | 22:14 UK time, Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The League One Trophy in the Late Kick Off Studio


Brighton pair Elliott Bennett and Tommy Elphick will have some explaining to do to captain Gordon Greer next time they're at training. Albion and the captain don't officially get the League One trophy until the last game at Withdean on April 30th. But the guys and the trophy were both on Late Kick Off South on Monday night. They'll also tell Greer to keep up the weights and work on the guns! He'll be lifting 25 kilos of solid silverware!

Andy Steggall, producer, LKO South, West & South West

Mingling with the stars...

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Simon Plumb (LKO Blogger) | 10:44 UK time, Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Late Kick Off North East & Cumbria presenter Mark Clemmit gets star struck!

I am, for better or worse (keep your opinions to yourself please) a TV presenter, and although I can still walk down the street and not be accosted by young women wanting me to autograph their cleavages, somewhat late in life I have achieved a small degree of notoriety which pulls in a little bit of extra business now and then.  Hence I found myself being asked to co-host the FA Club at Wembley last Sunday at the Bolton Wanderers v Stoke City game.

It was quite fun, entertaining an audience of guests of the FA’s corporate sponsors alongside a few footy loving celebs – namely Ben Shepard, Jonathan Wilkes, Paddy McGuinness and one Declan Donnelly, otherwise known to ITV peaktime audiences as the smaller one out of Ant & Dec.   Well, I was doing a few interviews with fans, and a couple of them ended up on the celebs’ table, which – if the celebs are a bit snooty - can sometimes be a bit toe curling.  But Paddy, Jonathan, Ben and Dec are genuinely nice guys, and the fans left that table feeling like they’d gained four new mates.  

But it was an especially good night for me, because while having a chinwag with the aforementioned Dec he announced that he always watches Late Kick Off.  “Not the London one, mind, I don’t watch that one,” he said.  “No, I watch yours, I record it on me box.”  And then again, just before I left for the night, he said AGAIN that he was looking forward to watching Monday’s show.  Well, you can imagine how totally star struck I was.    

In fact, I almost asked him if he could sign my cleavage.

Record breaking...

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Simon Plumb (LKO Blogger) | 11:06 UK time, Monday, 18 April 2011


Chris Slegg, reporter from Late Kick Off London & SE


Chris Slegg - Reporter for Late Kick Off London & SE


Another week – another new manager at Barnet. With "Mad Dog" Martin Allen gone we simply had to be at young pup Giuliano Grazioli’s first game, even if it did mean a 9hr round trip from London to Bury. Unfortunately it wasn't a good day for the Bees who were stung by a 2-0 defeat that means the odds are stacked against them staying in the Football League. 

On a personal level, one of the great things about this job is getting to visit stadiums you might never go and see. I love the way each and every one of the 92 League clubs has its own feel, its own identity, something that marks it out.

In Bury’s case one of those things is the following boast included on the honours page in their programme: “Bury FC are proud to be the ONLY club to have scored 1,000 goals in all four tiers of English football.”

I love the randomness of this record. What I’d really like to see is a middling Premier League team, like a Bolton or a Villa, hold their hands up and say, “you know what, we’re never gonna win the flippin’ Premier League. Let’s see if we can beat Bury’s record of scoring 1,000 goals in every division instead.” 

Then, with that, after getting the requisite number of goals in the top-flight, simply get themselves deliberately relegated before spending future seasons clocking up the goals and working their way down through the divisions before one day phoning the Bury programme editor and telling them their record has fallen.


I Don't Like Mondays

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Simon Plumb (LKO Blogger) | 22:19 UK time, Monday, 11 April 2011

Stuart Hutchison - Late Kick Off London & SE on the 'joys' of late breaking stories... 

I don't like Mondays.

I know as a programme editor my first reaction to a breaking story should be 'LETS AV IT' before throwing myself into a bubbling cauldron marked 'News', but 12 weeks into the current run of Late Kick Off, I could really do with a quiet one. We were soooo ready for a straightforward show today when at 10am Queen of The Voiceover and Lower League News Caroline Barker drifted past my desk, breezily announcing that her pre-weekend hunch that Martin Allen would be joining Notts County, had proved to be more than a hunch.

We already had a strong lead - spending the day filming behind-the-scenes at Millwall, for a feature on their chariman John Berylson, and their fan representative on the board, Pete Garston. Pete's 'real wall' as they say down there, and John's a Massachusetts Milionaire, so it was interesting to see how their relationship had developed. It also helped the piece that MFC beat Leeds to move right into play-off contention.

 Anyhoo, so we dropped that piece down the running-order and made room for Barnet. Reporter and news hound Chris Slegg made off for Underhill to interview the vanquished chairman Tony Kleanthous, while we tracked down Allen to Keele University where he was doing something for his football talent spotting business (we wont name it, but other football talent spotting businesses are available). As a proud London and South East show we wear as a badge of honour the fact that we have no knowledge of anything that happens north of Watford or west of Wycombe, so a quick look on the Internet revealed ''Keele'' to be somewhere near a place called 'Stoke' a quick call to our friends at LKO Midlands, and they dispatched a star reporter and crack cameraman to track down The Dog.

So in rapid quick time we managed to get quotes from the two main characters in this sorry saga. The only trouble is the show has to be 29 minutes 10 seconds long (there's seven regional programmes and they press 'play' at exactly the same time all over the country, so all seven shows have to finish simultaneously) so we had a great guest this week in Charlton's Johnnie Jackson, and our time to chat about The Mighty Addicks was shorter than we'd hoped.

 Never mind, he'll be on again soon no doubt. Made for telly, that boy. I understand he's a Springsteen fan too, and if we had a spare 2 hours 36 minutes, I hoped to sing an air guitar version of Thunder Road with him. But those plans are in ruins too.

 And it's all Martin Allen's fault.


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