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Jo Whiley

Leona Lewis in the Live Lounge

  • Jo Whiley
  • 7 Nov 07, 01:15 PM

Leona was in on Wednesday and she was, as expected a real sweetheart to talk to and her voice - as expected was phenomenal. She'd brought in a whole host of musicians and a bit of a choir which stretched us to our limits so she had to switch studios to fit everyone in…

Seconds before she came on air - we were ogling at the posh pics of her in Harpers Bazaar where she is wearing the most incredible posh dresses lying in the waves and climbing rock faces….hardly practical…but she told us one of the dresses she's wearing is the very same dress that Sarah Jessica Parker wears for her wedding in the upcoming Sex and The City movie…

Anyway the performance - well it was great - and people did cry - somewhere a child was born and a planet imploded, probably. Covers are always tricky - Leona did Snow Patrol's Run - and as emotional as it was - I still think you can't beat Gary Lightbody's vocals. Anyway - have a listen and look again...


  1. At 08:54 PM on 12 Nov 2007, roz wrote:

    Leona must release run as a single. We all love it very much. best song i heard in ages.

  2. At 02:57 PM on 13 Nov 2007, Stephanie wrote:

    Hey Jo, I listened again to Leona and then got my mum to listen and it really was just magic. I loved Leona's cover of Snow Patrol, but nothing beats the orginial - V 2007!!! Leona deserves all the recognition and love she's finally getting, and I'm so glad we have our own sophisticated diva for the generations who missed the power of the Spice Girls! Just beautifully magic :D

  3. At 12:50 PM on 14 Nov 2007, DEAN PEET wrote:

    everytime i hear the leonna cover i cry

    i think she should release it as a single

    i agree not as good as the origianal but still an emotional performance and what a voice

  4. At 09:37 PM on 16 Nov 2007, charles kearney wrote:

    Loved the leona lewis cover of "run",and unfortunately cant listen again.Please could this truely powerfull performance,be somehow available for us to all to enjoy again,very disapointed that i cant access it!

  5. At 06:24 PM on 19 Nov 2007, Tracy wrote:

    I really MUST listen to Leona Lewis singing 'Run' but the link doesnt work....... PLEASE HELP, please, please, please.

    She absolutely MUST release this...

  6. At 09:56 AM on 22 Nov 2007, Claire Thomson wrote:

    Leona Lewis MUST release the cover version of Snow Patrol, it'll be sure to be a number one! its absolutely fantastic! Its one of those songs that make your hair stand up on end!

    Not very often someone can achieve that in a song, its one in a million!

    From Claire, in Edinburgh!

  7. At 05:14 PM on 22 Nov 2007, Steph wrote:

    Oh my..... I have just heard the cover on Scott Mills show and it was just amazing, I need to hear it again and can't find it on the webiste! Somebody help me find it so I can listen again - PLEASE!

  8. At 10:57 PM on 22 Nov 2007, Richard Morris wrote:

    Leona's cover of Run was absolutely spectacular !!!
    Heard it on Chris Moyles show this morning and it moved me to tears. This will be number 1 for months if she releases it !!! What an amazing voice.
    Anyone who is negative about this track is wrong !!!!!

  9. At 09:38 AM on 23 Nov 2007, alliosn tullock wrote:

    leona lewis singing run makes my hairs stand on end every time i hear it its fab i think better than original, been trying to download it

  10. At 03:58 PM on 24 Nov 2007, David wrote:

    I've got goosebumps!

    What an amazing voice. Not just another X-Factor drone, someone with real soul and a heart for music.

    Please release this as a single!

  11. At 08:58 PM on 25 Nov 2007, jayne wrote:

    i listened again to leona doing run and it brought tears to my eyes it awas so moving and reminded me of my sister who died last year this should be released as a single

  12. At 10:04 PM on 28 Nov 2007, Pud wrote:

    Anyone know if I can download Leona's version of Run from anywhere? Want it all legal and above board, but can't find it!

  13. At 11:26 PM on 30 Nov 2007, Rick Cheesman wrote:

    Most livelounge covers are good but leona blew me away. She sings with an emotional power surpassing opera and a tone/range that is simply awe-inspiring. As she shot down any critics of her voice I couldnt help feeling I was witnessing the start of a huge global career. PLEASE get it released - I need that song in my life !.

  14. At 07:58 PM on 04 Dec 2007, Steve wrote:


    Where can we get this song from?

    As the BBC is funded by the Public, is this not something we can download?


  15. At 06:31 PM on 06 Dec 2007, Arnie wrote:

    As covers go this is up there with the best of them - absolute fantastic performance.


  16. At 03:03 PM on 07 Dec 2007, simon jones wrote:

    get leona to release run
    i have listened many times to both now and it really does knock spots off the original not that wasn't brilliant

  17. At 12:36 AM on 08 Dec 2007, James wrote:

    I've just started listening to radio 1 and have heard Leona sing 'Run'.... Wow what can i say, it could almost have been written for her. It'd be a shame if she didn't release it, children in need should have used it for their charity song for the year.... (not saying anything). Well done to you and well done to her...

  18. At 05:39 PM on 29 Dec 2007, jodie daniel wrote:

    hi i just want to say that leona lewis's version of run is amazing and heart felt. it should be released no questions asked or please please please make sure it is on the next live loung compilation cd so we can all enjoy it over and over again. However we do have to say a massive thank you to snow patrol who gave us that song and made it their best song ever. thank you

  19. At 08:54 PM on 26 Jan 2008, Brian Field wrote:

    Looked and looked for the link to Leona Lewis cover of Run to no avail WHY O WHY is there not a link

  20. At 06:55 PM on 03 Feb 2008, mandy Martins wrote:

    I think the original 'Run' by Snow patrol was brilliant. However, listening to Leona Lewis cover this song was so unlike many other covers I have heard before. It was so moving and could have so been written for her - how does Leona convey so much emotion in that voice of hers?? So few artists have the ability to make me cry, but listening to Leona singing this song made me sob like a baby. I am so disappointed this is not available to listen to other than on Radio 1 as it is just so truly gorgeous.

  21. At 09:02 PM on 16 Feb 2008, sarah wrote:

    Please please can you make Leonas live lounge versions of Bleeding Love and Run downloadable....It is one of the best live lounges I have heard and would love to have both songs to listen to again and again!!

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