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Hurricane threatens US Open start

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Jonathan Overend | 17:04 UK time, Sunday, 28 August 2011

I'm writing this as rain hammers my hotel window, streets deserted down below, some shops boarded up, the New York public transport system completely closed with approximately 300,000 neighbours having fled the city in fear of Hurricane Irene.

One of the most energetic and upbeat cities in the world - the city which never sleeps - pretty much shut down on Saturday afternoon, creating an eerie atmosphere as the wind swirled through deserted districts.

The storm didn't "slam" New York, to quote the over-dramatic US rolling news networks, as severely as expected, but it's still likely to have a major impact on the US Open which is scheduled to start here on Monday.

The site was closed on Sunday to anyone without senior organisational credentials. Most of the scaffold, including TV platforms, has been taken down and various items such as outdoor furniture and decorative plants removed from the grounds. 

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