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Guest Blog: Long way in. Long way out.

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Ryan Morrison | 16:29 UK time, Monday, 6 September 2010

In her second and final guest blog post from Jersey Live, BBC Jersey's Carrie Cooper reflects on the festival and the difference between the two days.

This is her report.

Chapel Club at Jersey Live 2010

Chapel Club at Jersey Live 2010

So day two on the Jersey Live train. Wristband soggy from the shower and straight to the site. You'd think on day two, with wristband firmly and stubbornly attached you'd be able to stroll in on the strength of an arm wave. Not the case. Half hour later we're through the gates.

As predicted the atmosphere had relaxed in comparison to the day before. Rug spread, in the breeze I settled down to hear Brighton band Peggy Sue, formerly known as Peggy Sue and the Pirates.

Closely followed by east London-based fivesome The Chapel Club who played, tight, honestly and intelligently.

Half way through the set they played a version of Dream A Little Dream Of Me, turning the more familiar sweetness of the melody into more haunting yet pretty piece. It's always interesting to see varied people recognise a track, even when they're not sure why.

I decided to bite the bullet, and in the spirit of the festival 'feel' get my hair madly curled.

A salon had been set up in aid of local brain injury charity Headway so I took full advantage of the full volume on offer. Bouncing curls, and apprehensive smile I took leave for the next band.

Seeking out the hot tip from yesterday I headed in the direction of Cabidzi, the French horn blowing, cello playing, beat boxing, flamenco singing delight. A look around the crowd suggested that people weren't sure what they had come across but seemed delighted that they had.

I stepped away in search of water and spoke to various acquaintances who had heard a crazy rumour that Noel Gallagher would be appearing alongside Paul Weller that evening.

Amusing to see how such whispers carry, people exchanging fivers, betting on the odds of his appearance. Back to reality for me.

Django Django, psyche pop four piece played a mix of electronic folk. Rumour has it they they're named after one of Django Reinhardt's teachers, who had a terrible stutter and always struggled with the Belgian jazz guitar legend's name when he called the register. Perhaps....

Paul Weller at Jersey Live 2010

Paul Weller at Jersey Live 2010

I took an energetic walk with a friend through the crowd, taking photos and taking to a variety of faces, young, older, excited, relaxed.

We found ourselves in the Dance Arena for the first time of the day to be greeted by the British DJ, Jaguar Skills. He'd cut and looped the line form King Of The Swingers "Jungle VIP" *repeat*. The rest of the crowd filled in the obviously missing lyrics. Hyped hip hop, and drum & bass rolled on.

Although the crowd was young, there was a certain shift in the atmosphere to this arena on the Sunday. It seemed everyone knew what they'd come to hear.

So the main event was drawing near. Paul Weller was to arrive on stage opening with Peacock Suit, a familiar and reassuring start.

New material ensued and of course Stanley road classics. Small children sat on shoulders of guardians, faces painted, wide eyes, all the while revelers mindful of the young.

Unexpectedly, Jam material emerged with "Start", a giant crowd chorus of "and what you GIVE is what you GET!"

You probably will have guessed by now that my Dad never made it back for day two. Perhaps memories of more a dangerous, hedonistic time are better preserved by memory.

One thing that be said of Jersey Live, is that no matter how 'catered for' you think you are there is always something beautifully unexpected to find. The trick, I think, is to stay on the move, with an open mind and open ears.

Ears wide open for Jersey Live 2011.


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