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And Then I Just Snapped

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Jeff Zycinski | 20:01 UK time, Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I am officially the worst husband in the world. I admit it, but I'm not proud. You see, as much as I try to do the right thing, I always seem to mess up.

Take today, for example. My new PA, Michelle, took a pair of scissors to my weekly schedule so that I could have an extra day in Inverness. I, in turn, called Mrs Zed and suggested an impromptu lunch in one of the many fine restaurants this city has to offer. There are half a dozen yummy eateries down by the river-front where the council has just put the finishing touches to a new streetscape. Where once there was just a boring old bit of tarmac bordered by your run-of-the-mill paving slabs there is now a decorative shared surface with room for pavement tables.

We, however, dined indoors in an Italian cafe where they go easy on the olive oil but try to be little too clever with the mozzarella. We ate, we talked, we hatched plans for the weekend and we made light of the damage caused by my recent DIY endeavours. Who needs a new towel rail anyway? Oh how we laughed!

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed some kind of hoo-hah taking place in the street outside. There were men with measuring tapes and others with crowbars. There was a lot of pointing going on. I heard my wife say something about coffee but I realised I was no longer 'in the moment' as far as lunch was concerned.

I hailed a passing waitress and quizzed her about the mime-show going on outside the window. She explained that the new street surface, as lovely and costly as it was, has turned this particular corner of the city into "an accident waiting to happen". Apparently tourists love ambling Oz-like along the coloured brickwork little realising that buses and cars are also allowed to amble behind them while powered by internal combustion.

Within minutes we had paid the bill and I was out on the street with my camera. I've been scooped by the Inverness Courier so many times, but I wasn't going to let that happen today. No siree.

Mrs Zed suggested she make her own way home and I agreed that was probably for the best.

But like I say, I do try.

Meanwhile I gave the photographs to our reporter Steven McKenzie and the story of anger and confusion in the street is now on our news website

Postscript: Thursday 14th May

How the story was covered by the Press & Journal newspaper the following day.


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