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It's Better Than Walking The Streets

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Jeff Zycinski | 16:34 UK time, Friday, 30 January 2009


January is almost over and, in the past month, I haven't even been tempted to light up a cigarette. Not once. Of course, I've never actually been a smoker so maybe that's not as impressive as it sounds when other people say it. Well, anyway, I've not had a sip of alcohol since the 5th of January. That's when my diet started. I've now lost 10 pounds.

My ambition to experiment with various new outdoor activities hasn't come to much. That's despite a very nice offer from Senior Producer Claire White and our Out of Doors team in Aberdeen. They offered to let me pull a sleigh up the Cairngorms or something, although I may have rush-read that e-mail.

So I'm back on my walking tours of Scottish cities. Last night in Inverness you would have found me striding along the banks of the Ness and exploring the old churchyards.

It's only a matter of time before I'm arrested or assaulted. Still, I'm told that prison and hospital food is a lot better these days.



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