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Singing our way to Spa

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Jake Humphrey | 12:52 UK time, Monday, 30 August 2010

This blog comes to you mid-train journey home. As much as I'm still fascinated by getting a train from Europe to the heart of London, it can't quite beat my outbound journey to the Belgian Grand Prix.

On Thursday morning at 7.30, I was genuinely standing outside the Houses of Parliament hitching a lift to Spa. The slight cheat, of course, was that I knew a certain Martin Brundle would appear at any moment in his E-type Jaguar, looking like Kings Lynn's answer to James Bond. He was a demon on the Brussels bypass!

I've seen plenty of messages on Twitter from you guys saying you enjoyed our little road trip. If you missed it, I've uploaded it onto the blog below, and amazingly, as I write this blog, I've yet to see it myself!

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You might be wondering why. On race morning, usually at about 10am, the whole team of presenters, including David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan, get together, have a meeting and watch all the VTs (pre-produced films) in the show. However, the drive-a-thon was such a big job that the producers and editors hadn't finished putting it together by then.

I'd usually get to watch it on the little screen that Roger the monitor man faithfully carries around the pit lane. But we began the show walking live through McLaren with Martin and, as the garage is a tight squeeze at the best of times, the monitor was waiting at the far side of the garage.

While it was being transmitted on live TV we could hear the elements that had been chosen through our earpieces. We were cringing at the singing. Hope your eardrums survived!

To give you some idea of the effort the guys in the edit suite went to last weekend, this is what they filmed and edited since we arrived in Spa just for the race show: the driving piece, the Rubens Barrichello 300 GP's interview , the Jenson pre-race interview , the story of qualifying, Mark Webber's pole lap, and what we call the 'closer'.

That list doesn't even take into account the stuff we did on Saturday. There was even more 'VT' in that show and if you missed it, the build-up to qualifying can be watched on the iPlayer until next Saturday.

It's the closer that really blows my mind. During the race the guys are watching loads of different feeds from the FOM director who controls the race, also looking for other shots that tell a story, picking a good music track. And most impressively of all they get it all cut together for the end of the show - it makes standing next to EJ and DC seem a doddle!

Perhaps on Sunday the 'closer' mission wasn't as hard as usual because they had stacks of incredible shots to play with. One of the things we'll all benefit from massively when F1 joins the high-definition revolution is how dramatic the on-track action will look.

Just imagine what the collision between Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel would look like in HD - Button's prone McLaren puttering out steam after Vettel had buried his nose cone into its sidepod. When F1 does become High Definition, it will become even more of a must-watch event, and we're continuing to talk to FOM about when that might be.

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And how much of a 'must-watch' season is this turning into? On Sunday morning I woke up at the cute B&B I was sharing with Jonathan Legard, Lee McKenzie and Ted Kravitz, went downstairs for breakfast and had one of those moments of realisation that I was about to have a day to remember.

Even with a job as rewarding as this it is sometimes easy to get so caught up in the circle of travel, preparation, scripts and transmission that you almost forget the event that your covering is central to what you are doing.

On race day in Belgium I was properly excited as we joined the hoards heading through the rather ramshackle villages that surround the circuit. Spa is like nowhere else on the calendar. Got a driving licence and a rain mac? Then pay a visit!

So, where are we now in the gripping championship battle?

Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber have grabbed the momentum within their teams by the scruff of the neck, Hamilton re-taking the championship lead just at the right time and Fernando Alonso now facing a real battle to remain in the running. I'd be really interested to know who you think can do it.

We spent the weekend talking up all five's chances but take into account the seemingly error-prone form of Alonso and Vettel, Hamilton and Button knowing their car might not be as strong around tracks such as Singapore and Korea, and Webber knowing Red Bull's advantage has been eroded somewhat and there are reasons to doubt the chances of all five. Equally, each has the unquestionable talent to finish the job. Who can put the whole package together? It is SO close!

Anyway, it's now time to turn my attention towards Monza. Before that, though, next weekend I'll be doing some presenting that really scares me.

I'm cool with seven million people on BBC One but less comfy with the guests who will watch me do a reading at my best mate's wedding back home in sunny Norfolk - wish me luck. And if I mess it up, Steve, I apologise now.

Then the week after that we'll be at the fastest track on the circuit.

When I last drove at Monza I was disappointed not to win. Mind you, the Red Bull looked amazingly fast in the hands of a man who has won national races and just drove away from me, and as I looked across to my other rival, Lewis Hamilton, just before lights out, it was clear he was desperate to win.

All I can say is that he's a ruthless competitor and... erm... he was driving in his socks!

No idea when I raced him or what I'm talking about? Well I guess you'd better tune in to our coverage in Italy, then!


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    Jake, will you please ask mansell next time you see him if sunseeker and stewarding are paying him enough? I can't figure out any other reason as to why he's doing those moneysupermarket adverts.

    dammit, I want a copy of F1 2010.

  • Comment number 3.

    Have you been playing F1 2010? If so, what's it like??

  • Comment number 4.

    Great fun to see that trip Jake.
    Was wondering about things like Suitcases and such, I wonder if they were put into Brundles Car as you did comment that your Pass was in the back YET there was no view of your suitcase in Central London.
    Yet, that E-Type Jag was great, Martin has earned the Money to get that car, maybe its time for more of the same opening the race.
    The singing was cringe worthy.
    Still good luck at that Wedding, too bad that Monza is 2 weeks away but hopefully we dont have to wait too long for this epic title race to continue.

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  • Comment number 6.

    I take it you've been playing the video game F1 2010 with Lewis? I hope the highlights will be going in the show next week!

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Jake, firstly I think the whole BBC team are doing a great job - do you sense a but - just a suggestion, how about recruiting a genuine F1 engineer to talk us through the little nuances of what is a very technical sport? For example nobody pointed out during the Spa coverage that the position they apply the test load to the front wing has changed [moved rearwards on the wing], as an engineer myself I realise that this is the crucial change, not the doubling of load. I'm sure Martin Whitmarsh, Christian Horner and other teams also knew this but didn't want to give the game away. Thanks, Richard

  • Comment number 8.

    F1 needs to be HD in 2011

  • Comment number 9.

    Another great blog entry.

    Good luck with the speech....did one myself earlier this year so I know what you're going through

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Jake,

    Excellent blog once again and superb coverage as always from the BBC.

    The opening to the race was superb and you and Martin looked as if you had a ball.

    My thoughts on the race were that it was a brilliant race where it seemed to have everything.

    Superb result for Lewis - I thought he'd lost it when he almost clipped the barrier. Real shame Jenson got TAKEN OUT by Vettel who had a very poor race. That was the worst I've seen anyone drive for ages. The guy does indeed lack overtaking experience and I don't blame Jenson or McLaren for feeling angry about this appalling incident.

    Good result for Massa too as really Alonso deserves what he gets after the German race - I'm don't really care too much what happens to Alonso this season, so long as he doesn't win another race.

    Also it was good to see all but 4 cars complete the race, but I doubt Hispania will be present next season.

    Roll on Monza this season has flown and can't believe there are only 6 races left. Who's going to win, too damn hard to say!

  • Comment number 11.

    Can't have been playing F1 2010? Would BBC endorse that? Either way...great coverage this week Jake! cheers & cya in Monza

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Jake, yet another great show. I Agree with ACP2010 comments about the input from an F1 engineer, it would add yet another slant to the shows.
    Good luck for next weekend.
    My son & I are off to Monza to the next leg......... Cant wait.

  • Comment number 13.

    Great race coverage yet again guys - it's turning into a classic season.

    One question/comment i have to make: Redbull gave Mark Webber the impression he's their second driver, and he grabbed that car by the neck and produced some stunning results...

    The minute Vettel thinks he's in the number two seat he acts like a spoilt brat and makes mistake after mistake... your thoughts? I wasn't really a Webber fan before this year, but surely he's the one who deserves the championship this time round...

  • Comment number 14.

    Great blog Jake. Could you tell me the name of the B&B you shared with Jonathan, Lee and Ted? I want to know some places to stay for my trip to Spa in 2011.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Comment number 15.

    Loved your road trip!! Can't wait for Monza!

  • Comment number 16.

    When I last drove at Monza I was disappointed not to win. Mind you, the Red Bull looked amazingly fast in the hands of a man who has won national races and just drove away from me, and as I looked across to my other rival, Lewis Hamilton, just before lights out, it was clear he was desperate to win.

    All I can say is that he's a ruthless competitor and... erm... he was driving in his socks!

    No idea when I raced him or what I'm talking about? Well I guess you'd better tune in to our coverage in Italy, then!


    Are you talking about F1 2010? If so how was it? did you beat Lewis?

    Its the first game i have pre-ordered hope its good though apperntly you have to have the Xbox 360 steering whee [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator] using the game because it gives force feedback and realistic driving forces

  • Comment number 17.

    Hi Jake, Am really enjoying the coverage, you are really good at this. Your two sidekicks are OK although they seem to take a lot of controlling. Spa was fantastic, as usual, and the best man won, I really hope he wins the championship. Vettel needs a good slap, he is getting worse, reminds me of a certain MS riding roughshod over anyone who gets in his way but without the class.
    Your road trip looked quite funny, but the E type is certainly the car to do it in.
    Can't wait for Monza, I travel the world with you without leaving my sofa, love it.
    Good luck and take care at the wedding, you could talk for England.

  • Comment number 18.

    hello BBC ..can you upload the video onto youtube. your fans outside the UK can view them can't watch any of the videos?? You put on your Jake Humphrey blog ?? just not fair for us Brits that live in The USA a :(

  • Comment number 19.

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  • Comment number 20.

    Jake. Is it me or has Vettel got something wrong with him? Over the last few of races Vettel seems to have completely lost the plot, I understand that the idea is to win the race, but Sebastian Vettel seems to have forgotten that there are the wrong times to overtake someone, there have recently been occasions when Vettel has made moves that Senna or Schumacher wouldn't have tried in thier prime. Just how many drivers has Vettel had a 'coming together' with? It seems that every race he colliding with someone

  • Comment number 21.

    Another top production of a brilliant race Jake. Appreciate all the hard work you guys put in.

  • Comment number 22.

    As always a brilliant coverage from the whole BBC crew (including 5Live). The MB and you bit at the begining of the show was wonderful and you looked like you both really enjoyed it. It was also great to have Ant on the Forum, always love his insight, shame you can't have 5 chairs so he can join you lot for every forum.

    Blog was really nice with your bit about all your editing guys and the work they have to go through.
    Good Luck at your best mates wedding I'm sure you will be fine, if you can cope with Eddie a little speach will be ok!

    See you at Monza

  • Comment number 23.

    great blog and im really looking forward to HD F1 :D cant wait for monza 2010 and I already have my tickets booked for Monza 2011. my friend and I are driving there all the way from Dublin, Think Eddie would want a lift? ha ha see you there.

  • Comment number 24.

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  • Comment number 25.

    What i find more interesting jake is the shocking-lack of credit for Lewis Hamilton in this article considering he drove once again fantastically.

    Actually Im pretty shocked at the disregard but not really that surprised at the usual pattern. It seems like the main point of mentioning or congratulating the winning driver in this blog has conveniently been replaced with other talking points.

    I wonder how contrasting this article would be if it was jenson button had he won.

    I hope you can answer this one, but wouldnt be at all surprised if this was conveniently ignored or even deleted by the moderators even though its a valid point.


  • Comment number 26.

    Ello Jake & ALL...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    Yep a really MEGA race.... What a bunch of NUTTERS the FIA are for ever taking Spa off the calendar - Glad it's returned & as usual it showed us abit of what F1 used to be like!!!!!

    Only problem at the drop of a 'at they keep bringing out the DAMN safety car... what's the matter with them?? AYE???? A?????

    F1 is mean't to be dangerous to a certain degree... when the first lot of rain came & the first car spun... can't remeber who it was now... Alonso???
    Any way... a was looking forward ter some mayhem... as the cars 'it the wet track.... but what do they do.... like Mothercare on a kinder garden DAMN IT day out.... out come sthe safety car.... wrecking Lewis man's 'ard earned lead.... and wrecking the spectacle of F1 drivers controlling their machines on a bit of water!!!!!!!!!

    I personally think they should spray water on the track at every GP!!!!!

    Wouldn't be difficult to set up a spray system... They could 'ave it computer controlled so nobody knows when the wet track period will 'appen.... And once during a race.... BANG.... water time!!!!!!!

    Would really spice up F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS Jake nice BBC coverage & great ter see Eddie & David agreeing ter disagree.... keep it going dudes!!!!!!!

    PPS Nice perma-tan Eddie!!!!!!!!

    Am back off ter Chris Evans blog again!!!!!!


  • Comment number 27.

    I have been a fan of f1 for as long as i have been a boy loving cars also i have worked at silverstone for 4 yrs for the f1 as a marshal.This year has been great for f1 with the no stop for fule and the tyer change and points systm has made it really on the edge and fun. Its a shame that some drivers cant handle the preasure of the new rules and would complain about the moves they make on others if it was done on them. all i need to say is go Ham and Jen but Web has always deserved a break so good luck to him ... with who he has to be a teem mate with i hope he does it.. there is tallent and then there is some one who beleves they deserve it but really dont. I need say no more

  • Comment number 28.

    I'm off to Monza in 10 days, i'm going with my dad, I can't wait. Please please guys, play 'Faster' by George Harrison, with the video in your pre race build up!!.

    It's fantastic, Jackie Stewart and the guys at their best. Real hair up on the back of the neck stuff, almost as iconic as 'the chain' and recorded around the same era.

    Go on McLaren!!

  • Comment number 29.

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  • Comment number 30.

    I wanna tell you a story no I am not Max Bygraves this is about the BBC comming back into the world of Formula 1 after a lengthy lay off perhaps a bit of a gamble.New presenters new commentators the kidknapping of Martin Brundell from the other side.I think we all had reservations about Jonathan Legard but given time and credence he has improved and his tone and delivery gives the Grand Prix programme gravitas.The voice is very important on radio and TV where pictures are not shown the fan needs to picture the scene the emotion he needs to believe he is there!
    If you thought David Coulthard was just a Formula 1 driver think again whether he spends hours on research or uses his technical nouse from driving for top teams the knowledge he brings to the programme is right on the Jenson!
    Now to Belgium why oh why can't we have more racing circuits like SPA.A true racing drivers challenge.These man made circuits are bland no challenge and just too modern.Yes we had the old Nurburgring which was deemed dangerous but surely someone somewhere will provide another Spa.Perhaps Hermann needs to take a back seat and let another designer with a blank piece of paper.
    Finally a nice touch to Barrichello 300 yes really 300 and counting Grand Prix with Jake and Martin starting their journey from Houses of Parliament-to service station-to Spa great banter nice E Type flowers for Rubens please!

  • Comment number 31.

    So, come on, out with it... what happened between Coulthard & Jordan before the Spa post race forum? Those two boys where not happy. No sir'ee. Coulthard's rather jagged replies to questions, & continuously fixed, upright posture was a marvel to watch. Jordan handled the somewhat cold atmosphere with far more aplomb, I thought.
    C'mon... who started it? Very un BBC.
    Oh, & a word of advice, Jake. Should another guest on the forum utter what you believe to be a profanity, don't make such a big deal about it & continue apologising repeatedly. You're just drawing more attention to it - the last thing you want & somewhat insulting to anyone over the age of 10.

  • Comment number 32.

    #31 - I thought EJ and DC seemed a bit on edge...

    Was there another profanity this week? I do agree that Jake's comments following the "clean the sheet" comment from Eric Boullier a few weeks ago made it uncomfortable since most of us here could see he said "sheet" and not another word that sounds like it.

    I'm intrigued as to why so much emphasis was placed on the Apple Macbook Pro used by Mark Webber before the race - surely the BBC F1 team are aware that the (BBC Complaints and) ECU are about to rule on the issue of Jake's iPad, so why would they provoke further issues in this way? I've never spotted any other brands on BBC equipment - Apple seems to be popular with your team...

  • Comment number 33.

    Hi Jake, we too drove over to Spa on the Thursday, although our cars werent as special as the lovely E-Type. We managed to spot you and martin parked up the round-a-bout with the jag - your very tall!! lol.

    We were one of the many campers there that weekend, and boy what a weekend, none of us have been to an F1 race before so we thought Spa would be the perfect choice - and it didnt dissapoint, although the weather was horrendous - especially for camping! We have decided that next year were going to much sunnier climes (Valencia) so the weather should hopefully be more bareable!

    Regarding the circuit we were amazed just how steep u Eau Rouge was! Drivers really earn their wages hitting those corners at such speed, especially in the wet - we were very impressed...

    The race itself was great, plenty of action, but what was Vettel doing! Lewis was brilliant, the gap he opened up early on was pretty impressive. Kubica was also excellent from friday onwards. We also reakon the Ferrari is the loudest of the cars and that the Lotus looks the best (well certainly up there with the McLaren).

    Keep up the good work, the BBC team is doing a sterling job!

  • Comment number 34.

    A question to some of the more 'stats minded' of F1 followers.

    Have the F1 powers to be ever suspended a driver during a season for being too dangerous or erratic?

    I ask, as Vettel is seeming to be getting a bit of a liability once he perceives he is under a bit of pressure.

  • Comment number 35.

    I must say i find the lack of HD on F1 puzzling , It cant be the cost of the hardware , that would be a drop in the ocean to Bernie , there has to more to this than meets the eye , A question to him would be interesting ? , Lack of a question to him would be even more puzzling . ..

  • Comment number 36.

    Hi once again!!

    That was a fabulous race and the coverage and lead up was superb. Please can a huge high 5 go towards the people choosing the music. The tunes and tracks this years have been really groovy and very fitting! Loved the driving music for you and Martin's trundle into Spa, everyone of them a driving classic! *windows down, crank it up*

    Now, a poser: What the heck is wrong with Christian Horner???? It is obvious to a blind wombat what happened in the race but still he defends Vettel. How was that Buttons fault?? I mean if I missed something obvious, please tell me cos I am in a world of bafflement otherwise!!!

    Vettel is being a liability at the moment, but just as in previous seasons, he seems to be throwing everything against the wall when it really counts. Same old pattern for him. Please can the team show some support for the lovely Mr Webber who is seriously kicking butt this season, is a nice guy, supremely talented - especially when it is obvious he is not getting 1st class treatment and parts etc etc, he really is proving his worth as part of the team. Can they get behind him before it is too late!!!

    Anyway, barring the Button shunt, I think everyone got what was deserved on Sunday. And epic stonking moves by Sutil - Feel the Force! Way to go!!

    Love the track, has been missed, few spots of rain made it interesting again.

    All in, brilliant day, busted huge amounts of texts with my pundit group and we all said "hooray" and "boo" when it counted and had a lot of fun!

    Anyway, good luck with the wedding, just dont take your Ipad thingy... :O)

  • Comment number 37.

    Hey jake,

    Anychance in congratulating Lewis Hamilton and maybe saying more than one sentance about his astonishing & totally dominating drive as hes also another fellow Brit??

    Its just a bit sad to see hardly nothing about Lewis on this blog which is a big surprise, but also in a way not.


  • Comment number 38.

    Mr. Humphrey - It was a pleasure to meet you in Spa next to the red E-Type. Thanks very much for agreeing to speak to my son Robert in Shanghai from my cellphone. We just got back to Rotterdam from Spa after being blown away by hurricane on campsite on Sunday night! Thanks again!!

  • Comment number 39.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 40.

    Hi Jake

    I was quite concerned when i heard you had got the job fronting the beeb's coverage of F1 last year. But mate i have to say you add to fantastic coverage the BBC keep up the good work and love the blogs and tweet's.

  • Comment number 41.

    In brazil 07 button team radio when hamilton behind "I`ll try and take him out i don`t want him to win a championship before i do"

  • Comment number 42.

    Hi Jake,

    Can you or someone explain how is it possible that Massa was not penalized for starting the race 2 meters after the grid line? There are already plenty of videos and images on youtube -- how is it possible that Charlie Whiting did not spotted that? And after seeing the evidence, is there any possibility of after race penalty?


  • Comment number 43.

    Jake , Am surprised that no-one else has yet mentioned what looked like your younger brother standing behind you in the post race chat , just before the forum ! . .

  • Comment number 44.

    Jake would be grateful if, having watched Mr Brundle's valiant efforts in getting the in-depth pre race interviews on the grid whilst battling with rival TV crews , you could advise him to get some body armour for Monza - 4 sets of which I believe are going spare courtesy of the Pakistani cricket team................

  • Comment number 45.

    Jake, yet again great coverage...loved your road trip with MB.

    I agree with redsilver (comment 42). Why was Massa not penalised? His front wing was miles over the line!

    I think Sutil deserves a mention... he drove a very solid race and I wouldn't at all be surprised if he is on the podium in Monza- that Force India is frighteningly fast in a straight line.

  • Comment number 46.

    Absolutely loved your road trip footage, it was fantastic! What a great race weekend, cant wait until Monza now! Me and my whole family are coming over for it, and we cant wait. Itl be the first grand prix we've seen live!
    Do you have any suggestions or tips to give to us for the weekend..and must sees? is there usually anything like signings for the fans from the drivers and presenters?
    Hopeing its going to be an amazing weekend. We'll be there waving our Lewis Hamilton Flags!

  • Comment number 47.

    Hi Jake
    i'm one of 5 people who went to Spa. It was our first ever grand prix live. Had a absolute brilliant time up to the sunday morning we woke up. We were camping on the site near Les Combes. We woke to find we had been robbed of our monies,some of our phones,and cameras. There wasn't just us..whoever had done it had also done about 12 other tents.We think they'd gased us as no one heard a thing!! We were totally distraught and we weren't even going to stop and watch the race. Glad we did as our hero won! Which if someone could give him a message from us we want to say a BIG thank you for a fantastic race and for making our day for winning! It made our rather bad situation a little easier. The only thing we're really upset about is all our photo's of the whole weekend have gone forever. We had photo's of the thurs down in the pits of Lewis and Jenson and others...gone!! I suppose we've got to say to ourselves we're still here! But if you can,can you mention something on air to other people camping at F1 races,to be on their guard.
    Thank you from
    Scilla,Steve,Dave,Ian and Carla

  • Comment number 48.

    Well this is the first time I've ever registered to 'comment' like this which kinda lets you know how strongly I wanted to put a comment! Firstly, your stint with Martin in the E-type was just fantastic! :0) thoroughly enjoyed it Jake - even the singing! :0) It was so funny, really really good. Obviously fab grand prix covered by you, David, Eddie and Martin again! Gutted with the whole Button crash but pleased Vettel got penalised for it - just not on! Already looking forward to the next one, good luck with your speech :0)

  • Comment number 49.

    Hm... I'm going to a wedding in Norfolk next weekend, but i don't know who 'Steve' is so im guessing its not the same one. Ah well...

  • Comment number 50.

    Jake, without wishing to sound sycophantic, I have been immensely impressed by what you have been doing.

    Your sense of fun never intrudes upon your professionalism; and your quit, incisive wit means you never miss an opportunity or a link, in spite of the juggling act you manage so effectively with David C and Eddie J.

    There is a sense of rapport within your whole team (except for one person), which is palpable. This gives the viewer a genuine sense of camaraderie with you all (caveat above), to the extent that it feels like a family get-together. - Absolutely superb job.

    Now, what was this thread about?…

    I am so pleased you have taken such a clearly genuine interest in Formula 1, and look forward to your next appearance at Monza.

  • Comment number 51.

    good luck in monza

  • Comment number 52.

    Hi Jake,loved the video of you and Martin great stuff.Good blog and race.You all looked good,nice to have you back.Enjoy the wedding.Bye for now.

  • Comment number 53.

    Hiya. Another great weekend, both the race and the show. One exception for me, and I have tried, but I can't take to EJ. MB's E-Type, lovely. Music.....try driving slow listening to "Orange Blossom Special", the Hellecasters, bet you can't. Roll on Monza, Lewis on the top step!

  • Comment number 54.

    Many thanks Jake and all the team for your brilliant work at the weekend. Just wanted to say what a fantastic roadtrip vid with Martin. How I wish I could have been where you were sitting !! Wonder how you felt going up Eau Rouge ? Bet you are still pinching yourself. I was thinking about whether we could see a feature on some of the pit crews and the preparation they have to do - they really are some of the unsung heroes ! Anyway, keep up the great work and good luck Lewis you are a credit to our sport.

  • Comment number 55.

    Jake, I was just wondering about Martin's E Type, this has always been my dream car ever since I can remember, (and it has to be red) but they were notorious for their unreliablility, is it an original or an original that's been upgraded, and did you make it without breaking down?

  • Comment number 56.

    nice v dozen mr brundle-does the number 99 MB imply youve got 98 other cars and if so what is 1MB- or what would your dream classic if you dont already own it?

  • Comment number 57.

    Think this is the first time I have ever commented on these boards, but I do so for two reasons. Firstly, the coverage as a whole package (online, blogs, features, presenting, pundits, commentary (legard getting better by the race) is absolutely suburb!

    Secondly, the suggestion by Amanda L to do a feature on the pit crew is a brilliant idea. I actually know someone who used to work at red bull as a mechanic up to end of last season (now manages a team in Formula wsr) and whilst at the French grand prix a few years back it was interesting to see him come out with us for a night out after qualifying. The weekends work was pretty much over and he saw the pit stop work on race day as almost a day off. Up to the start of qualifying he was working 15 hour days... Very talented bloke as well, was building go carts from scratch at just 10 years old, sometimes it is easy to forget they are at the very top of their profession. An interesting fact that many viewers may not know is that all the mechanics have performance bonuses. Think at the time (old points system) they were on £250 per world championship point, so if the car breaks down on the last lap the pain is all too real.

    An idea of a feature where you follow them from the second they get off the plane to when they leave would provide great insight and help them get the credit they deserve. Everything down to leaving the hotel, pit crew meetings, social life etc... Obviously with team confidentiality it may be difficult but I'm sure the beeb could pull it off!

  • Comment number 58.

    Hi Jake,
    Great BBC coverage in Spa as always and first class pre and post race entertainment. Can I ask a question ?
    When we hear the radio chat between pit lane and driver, who decides which conversations we hear on TV. For example the instruction given by Ferrari to Massa to allow Alonso to pass. Was that coincidence? as there must be hundreds of chats betwen pit and driver during a race.
    Can't wait for Monza.

  • Comment number 59.

    Hi Jake,lovely what you said about Shaya Tomizawa Sutch a sad day.Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.With love.Kath.xx

  • Comment number 60.

    so how many fuel stops did you have to make in the E-type ?

  • Comment number 61.

    In light of today's FIA ruling on 'Team Orders' I just thought I'd throw in this:

    Team orders - The Chinookz solution.

    Here's my suggested solution to the team orders debacle which can keep fans very happy as well as allowing teams to take decisions to give themselves the chance of the best possible result.

    1. If a team want their driver 'A' to pass their driver 'B' without risking a competitive overtake they should be allowed to instruct their drivers accordingly.

    However, this advance of position does not gain driver 'A' any further championship points until or unless he then passes the next opponent's car ahead on the track. Then, the points for both passes will in effect, become valid.

    2. This would firstly allow open and transparent team orders which fans and opposing teams would not object to. Secondly, for the fans, it would strongly encourage a competitive drive from the passing driver who would be 'forced' to try and complete a competitive overtake to realise/activate any points advantage.

    3. If driver 'A' fails to make another pass, the points/position allocation stay as if the team order swap didn't take place.
    Therefor the team can't gain a championship advantage by manipulating the race but if their driver 'A' truly is 'faster' he will have the opportunity to use that speed to their benefit.

    I'm sure there are smarter minds that will point out a fatal flaw in this idea but it looks feasible and easily enforceable to me. thoughts?

  • Comment number 62.

    Concerning the Ferrari team orders.

    If i had placed a bet on Massa to win the grand prix imagine how gutted i would be if Alonso was allowed to overtake.

    If two horses came from the same owner/stable and one slowed to let the other win, the jockeys would be automatically banned.

    When members of the public can bet on the outcome of a motor race how on earth can someone overrule that decision by ordering the leader to slow down..........

    I love formula 1 but think it has made an absolute mockery of the sport.

    Where individuals are racing for themselves then they should be allowed to race. Surely every betting company should now give Massa 1000/1 to odds on winning a race because if he is in the lead he will be told to slow down.

    Can i sue Ferrari/Massa for lost winnings as he deliberately slowed down

    I am livid.....................

  • Comment number 63.

    it always amuses me when Vettel sticks his finger up when he gets pole
    it looks as if he is showing us what he has just found up his nose.

    having said that he must get up the noses of a lot of drivers with his bad driving.

  • Comment number 64.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 65.

    Jake. I missed the bulk of qualifying yestrday and only caught the last 5 mins of Q3. Please could you explain in your pre-race build up why on earth Lewis Hamilton wasn't running the F-duct! Surely you could not wish for a better track to deploy the system that has worked so well for McLaren all season?

  • Comment number 66.

    Hi Jake, well that's opened up the championship a little more, what a great race. I actually don't mind that Lewis didn't finish it has just put more drivers into the championship hunt. This is going to one hell of a finish this season

  • Comment number 67.

    Another great coverage that day. Nice Blog.. all your team is so great we love it. even my friends who watch the delayed recorded telecast wait to see you guys. awesome.
    The guy who does these video editing and select songs needs a raise big time. . he is doing good.

    Nice to finally see you with Martin, nice drive.. would love to kow more about martin. . his home and his son is driving do tell about him next.

    Say this to Eddie - "Loved that blue blazer/jacket" .. he should wear something like this. infact I liked that Jacket so much that I am getting similar for myself.

    And Jake .. there are a few suggestions if you like to hear
    > you all there should wear same color of shirts on race weekends, just text each other, you guys will look good as a Team. whats up ..may be next weekend at singapore? just try it .. it will be good.
    > start giving a bit more respect to DC, Eddie, Martin these are legends. I am not saying you said anything wrong but they deserve the respect and honour. They are the stars of the show that you host.
    > Please do involve Ant in future, and we miss Ted and Lee.. these two people do so much and we hardly see their faces.... why cant you involve them more during forum atleast!

    Good Luck for singapore man.. 5 more races to go .. still not sure who will be champion.. Fantastic and next year 20 great weekends awesome.


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