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Filling for Britain at storm time

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Jake Humphrey | 07:33 UK time, Monday, 6 April 2009

I just received a text from Gabby Logan saying: "That was a bit of a Scolari!" Scolari as in Big Phil.

Yes, it was quite a fill - over an hour sheltering from the rain and chatting about what was - or should that be wasn't - happening out on the track as the Malaysian GP came to a premature and somewhat predictable end.

I hope we made that seriously disappointing finish to the weekend a little more bearable for you.

All the time we were chatting and in between my questions, I was just thinking to myself that millions of people are at home wanting to see cars battle it out on the track - not three blokes blathering on.

But those were the cards we were dealt by the decision to schedule the race at 'storm time', which was compounded by a situation where even the drivers weren't sure who had finished where!

Until the interruption, though, what a race we were watching.

Nico Rosberg's start (without Kers to give him a little extra bhp, remember) was sensational and certainly popped Brawn's bubble at the first corner.

I loved seeing Jenson grab his opportunity to put in some fast laps when needed - isn't he a great driver to watch when the car's working well?

Mark Webber showed just how quick and drivable his Red Bull is, and as he battled with anyone near him it gave us some incredible action on the track.

And when the rain came I thought both Toyota and BMW showed that the right decisions and some cracking driving can make all the difference.

I was a pleasure to watch and I for one think the new regs are shaping up to improve the show - just as was planned!

What wasn't planned was our mammoth on-air chat.

After we were finished, I wandered - as I was a little to drained to go any faster - back to our seriously unglamorous production area (there was a snake in one of the toilet bowls when we arrived!) and asked Mark the producer, who's been around F1 for years, if it was always like this.

Thankfully, his answer was no!

In Melbourne, we were busy working out the implications of Toyota's illegal rear wing until the wee small hours of Sunday morning before returning to the track a few hours later for a breathless season opener.

Later that same day, we got the late-evening news that Lewis Hamilton was promoted to third and Jarno Trulli penalised - more drama.

Then it was off to Malaysia, up to the top of the Petronas Towers, where I had carefully crafted a link referring to Lewis's third-place finish. Fine - until the following day, when his race result was annulled!


Then, as things started to unravel for McLaren, we had to quickly drop what we were doing to interview people like team boss Martin Whitmarsh at very late notice. Great fun and a brilliant story that I enjoyed covering, but I'm really not sure I'd cope week after week!

All this excitement puts real pressure on the team, too.

Pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz was telling me last night that, with ITV's coverage, pretty much all their VTs (pre-recorded inserts) were edited and finalised well before the race so Steve Rider and the team could do a full rehearsal, have lunch, then go on air feeling fully prepared.

For the build up to Sunday's race, I had hardly seen a single finished VT from start to finish. And as the show went on editor Mark Wilkin just allowed the running order to develop organically and see what happened next... Nervy - but it probably makes for better television, I guess. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

So what next? Well, if F1 can follow this opening salvo with some great racing when we jet off to China and Bahrain in a couple of weeks I think that we'll have had everything in the first month.

Here's hoping we remain on course for a great start to the season. One negative, though. With all this exciting drama, presents for the family easily slipped my mind. I've already checked in and I've not bought my wife Harriet anything. Hmmm... not sure a small sachet of chilli sauce will quite do the trick.


Anyway, hope your withdrawal symptoms aren't too bad until the cars are back on track in 11 days' time and, talking of being on track, Toyota kindly lent us a couple of bikes to get to know the Sepang circuit on. I've posted the pictures on here as I thought you'd appreciate them. One thing you don't see on TV is just how intense the gradient is, either that or I really do need to lay off the chilli sauce and get to the gym.


Oh, one last note, apologies for no F1 Forum this week. Over 300,000 people pressed red and watched last weekend, which is incredible and justifies our decision to give you more coverage.

We are committed to it as an important and unique part of our build up. The thinking this week was that after 75 minutes of chatting, it was probably not necessary as all the angles had been covered already - and we'd run over our alloted time-slot on BBC1 anyway.

I hold my hands up, though, as I should have mentioned there would be no Forum on air but I ran out of time...

Sorry guys, but as I mentioned last week in the blog, a second over and I'm in trouble with Norma the PA!

It'll return next race and don't forget to be involved via

Right, looking forward to sausage and mash, which is my tradition after a long foreign trip, and lots of washing before we fly to China a week on Tuesday!

Have a great Easter break,


P.S. I'm sure we'll have a meeting later this week about the coverage thus far - any thoughts/comments/criticism/feedback?


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  • Comment number 1.

    Hey Jake

    I'm lovin the BBC coverage so far, from the return of the chain to the banter between yourself DC and EJ it has been entertaining and informative.. the racing hasn't been to shabby either!

    I have to say I didn't feel cheated in any way that the race was cut short, I don't know if you noticed but at one point a small pool of water had collected inside the sculpted part of Massa's front wing!

    I look forward to the next race, and the fall out from diffuser-gate.


  • Comment number 2.

    Brilliant coverage this week and last.

    My one and only criticism of this weeks was that there appeared to be a lot more cheesy royalty free background musical inserts to pep up the drama. It kind of cheapened what looked like a very polished coverage.

  • Comment number 3.

    Awesome coverage and thats before the no ad breaks, top job.

    As good as Rosberg's start was what about alonso's taking 5 cars by turn 3. And also what is the thoughts about red bulls speed, pre new diffuser, they are the quickest "non-diffuser" car so could we see another change in the order if the hearing rules them ok?

  • Comment number 4.

    I have to say, I am loving F1 this year... you're holding things together really well Mr Humphrey. I love the laisse faire nature of Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard's feedback and insight - they are 100% Formula One through and through.

    If there's one slight criticism, I would have to say that the Bernie Ecclestone interview with EJ was slightly embarrassing-Dad. Apart from that, keep up the good work.

    Now get to bed, and make sure you send your wife something nice... maybe a wasabi sachet might be apt when you get to China?

  • Comment number 5.

    I was slightly disappointed with one aspect of the qualifying commentary, I thought Brundle and Legard were very slow to pick up on the penalties for Vettel and Barrichello from the previous race, I remember "Can Barrichello join Button on the front row?" No, he can't, because he has a five place penalty... But both commentators missed this until after qualifying had finished.

    The "three blokes blathering on" is often an unexpected highlight. Think of Aggers and co. on Test Match Special talking about anything and everything for hours during rain breaks. I think the presentation team did excellently in that period.

  • Comment number 6.

    Hi Jake,

    I have to agree with Grumpy_Neil that you, DC & EJ are doing a great job in fronting the coverage; Martin is also still in a class of his own.

    Two things I want to comment on:

    1. In the discussions regarding the award of half points resulting from Maylasia, EJ was commenting that it didn't matter as it was the same for everyone; however, the way I see it, those who have yet to score (e.g. Massa, etc) will have benefited as they have less distance to make up on those currently in the points and this can have an effect later in the season.

    2. Has the FIA ever considered awarding a point to the driver/team that qualifies on pole position? I just think that all the hard work put in should be rewarded, especially if the pole sitter is taken out of the race through no fault of his own and has nothing to show for the weekend's efforts.


  • Comment number 7.

    Another enjoyable weekend on the BBC!!

    I think you did great to hold things together under the red flag, shame we didnt get to see the Forum as it was the best part of the Australia coverage but it was understandable with over an hours worth of discussion anyway. Looking forward to it returning in China.

    You asked for critisism so here goes. Please ask the entire team...thats DC, Eddie Jordan and Martin Brundle to read the rule book because they all got it wrong with the 2 hour time limit which surprises me being all ex F1 people. Without sounding too much like an F1 Geek they need to read article 5.3 (you could quote that to them and sound really clever lol)which states any suspension period for a race is added to the 2 hour time limit so we would have re-started if it wasnt for Bernie running the race so close to darkness!!!

    Apart from that small thing so far so good...loving the coverage, especially from the red button...cant wait for China!!!

  • Comment number 8.

    Great coverage, again.

    I was a bit gutted to find that there was no post-race forum. As I think there was still plenty to talk about (remember, the people who press the red button for the forum are going to be the monumental F1 bores such as myself!), I was interested to see what DC made of the later starts and the clear affect it was having, and the racing this weekend was awesome, seeing them on a permanent circuit you can really see how the cars are more aggressive and 'racey'. Fantastic.

    As for your meeting about content, I've heard (though I've never seen it) that Ted used to have a really good webcam blog on the ITV website, maybe that could make a return.
    Other than that, can't really think of much else. You'll get alot of people on here asking for alsorts of features, but just so you know, the coverage is pretty damn brilliant as it is.

    Again, great work Jake, enjoyed watching.

    P.S. More of Lee McKenzie. What a babe! Haha.

  • Comment number 9.

    I love it when you said in the blog: 'I was a pleasure to watch' - I think we know what you meant :-)

    Great coverage of a really exciting race/non-race.

    Have a safe trip home and then to China, Jake.

  • Comment number 10.

    Having been watching F1 for over 20years now - I have to say that the BBC have done a brilliant job on their eagerly awaited return - the features are superb, graphics great, coverage informative and interesting. A personal well done to Jake as the challenge has been met superbly and I think he is doing an excellent job indeed! Roll on China!

  • Comment number 11.

    More attempts at MB winding up a team please :) Classic TV :)

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Jake,

    We've been wondering when your blog would be back. Keep up the good work.

    I guess it must be stressful spending so long off the cuff - but maybe the ITV rehearsals were what made Ryder and Rosenthal before him so wooden and a waste of space.

    With such a long unexpected part of the broadcast you needed a break - so where was Ant Davidson?

    PLEASE PLEASE BRING ANT INTO THE MAIN PROGRAM! Of the team he has the most recent experience of F1 driving and is a natural with a microphone. He is a wasted talent at the moment!... in or out of a car.

  • Comment number 13.

    I spent an hour watching rain fall on to stationary cars and crew on the grid -- not very exciting -- why did I do it?

    I did it because it didn't feel like an hour and the commentary coming from you all kept me involved without the excitement we had watched in the first 32 laps.

    I can only say -- Thanks -- keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 14.

    Im enjoying the blog Jake, it's refreshing to hear behind the scenes stuff!

    As for your meeting, could you mention that the content could be better laid out and more accessable on the main site? i know its not much to do with you, but it would be nice to have an independent menu for blogs and videos etc...

    As for the commentary, I'd like to see you EJ and DC counteracting each others views more! When EJ said that he didnt think the relationship between Hamilton and Mclaren could be recovered, I could see the grimace in DC's face, it was obvious he didnt agree, and it would have been interesting to hear his view!

    Other than that great coverage!

  • Comment number 15.

    I thought that you handled the Red Flag very well. But what pleased me most was that whether by luck or design the little corner of BrawnGP you found yourself in had a big screen with the world feed.
    The ability to keep track of what was going on (even if it was just soaked team members talking to their drivers) whilst you guys were chatting was appreciated by me at least.

    JL and MB are clearling beginning to gel, though JL still needs to remember that his new audience can actually see the pictures, though I'm sure this will come with more races.

    Great stuff looking forward to China.

  • Comment number 16.

    I'm loving you and Coulthard on the BBC, but EJ needs to let Coulthard speak a bit more.
    I love the picture of you in the dark on the bike on the Sepang track.
    Tell Crofty and Davidson great commentary there the best.

  • Comment number 17.

    Having had to watch F1 on ITV for so many years, where much of the excitement was taken away by constant ad breaks and the monotonous tone of Steve Ryder, I have to thank the BBC for bringing everything F1 is back to the viewer. The courage so far has been excellent and the team are making great viewing. I can see DC and EJ having a few words before the season is over..!!
    This weekend was particular brilliant, especially when watching Martin trying to get a look at the Toyota rear diffuser! Your discussions when the race was red flagged also made really interesting viewing.

    I would make one comment though. Not being able to get up in time for Melbourne I waited in anticipation for the re-run. The race coverage was great, but why did you not show any build up as you do with the live coverage. I was really looking forward to Martins grid walk and the interviews give beforehand; building up to the race crescendo...Will this change?

    Anyway, great coverage, great racing, great bbc F1 team....can't wait for China and hopefully another Button victory (there is more than one Brit on the grid and lets be honest..we do all prefer Jenson to Lewis!)

    Top work Jake (loving the blogs).

  • Comment number 18.

    hi Jake,

    Great coverage again!! Really enjoyed the 50 odd min fill that you and the boys got through seamlessly.

    Just one observation dont send DC to interview JB snr could be a rubbish interview lol.

    Oh and loved Legards murryism "Alonso has gone off again, oh its a replay." Great stuff keep it coming.

    Not long before we can watch alot of racing over lunch!

  • Comment number 19.

    Great blog Jake, and even though i can't watch the BBC coverage as i don't live there anymore, your blogs and the comments after make it easier to follow the action. I think i can safely say that most, if not all, of us are extremely jealous of your job.

    I have a comment though - i follow the race on the website through the live text and at the moment i find it hard to follow which cars are running on which tyre set - is it possible to maybe put a code next to the drivers name on the race standings which corresponds to which tyres they are running on?

    I'm sure you're not the person to bring this up with, but perhaps you could pass it on to the powers that be.

    Thanks Jake, keep up the good work (not that i can appreciate it)!!

  • Comment number 20.

    The coverage is fantastic... apart from Eddie Jordan, I'm afraid. His biases are too blatant, and although it's fun waiting for DC to wind him up enough for it to come to blows, it's a bit too much like car-crash TV. I find myself swapping to the 5-Live commentary - I'd much rather listen to you and DC, but Eddie is too irritating.

  • Comment number 21.

    Another Formula One Farce, what a waste of the licence fee.

  • Comment number 22.

    I was a pleasure to watch and I for one think the new regs are shaping up to improve the show - just as was planned!


    Well, at least you have confidence in yourself :-D. But, yeah you have been a pleasant surprise as not many people would have known who you were - keep up the good work.

    As for EJ, will he please let DC finish a sentence. DC will be in the middle of putting a good point across and Jordan will just butt in and decide 'that's enough of that'. Get him slapped into place Jake! You could threaten to wreck his drum kit if he doesn't comply!

    As for the Beeb coverage as a whole, I think it has been great even though I feel Legard needs to perhaps show a little more emotion when something happens if it isn't Lewis or Jenson. Apart from that, no qualms from me.

  • Comment number 23.

    Really liked the interview with Stefano. It would be great to get more interviews with various team staff and more coverage of the smaller teams.

  • Comment number 24.

    Hi Jake,
    You asked for comments good and bad so here goes: Firstly let me say that compared to ITV and in general, the BBC's coverage is miles better. I don't need to add to the pile of compliments you already have, I was one of the people that wasn't worried about your appointment beforehand as I had seen you on the Olympics and the Superbowl and knew you'd be great.

    There have been many many posts (not in this thread, but maybe read some of the JL and mole blog comments as there is alot of chat about BBC coverage there) from people who think EJ is a complete pain on screen and not in a good way. I am sorry to say I agree with them. As an estimate I would say he has had 80% negative comments, whereas you and DC (who are obviously both trying to cope with him as best you can, yes we can tell!) haven't had anything but the praise you deserve.

    Somebody said he is the worst pundit since ITV used Gazza in the 2002 world cup, and I think they might be right. It is actually excrutiating to watch alot of the time... anyway you get the picture, but I'm not the only one.

    I have my reservations about JL's commentary, I am sure he will improve in time, he already has, but David Croft (and Anthony Davidson) are in a different league - its miles better than the main commentary, although of course Brundle is supreme as ever.

    I think Ted is an underused resource, several comments have asked for more of his input and I echo those.

    As for the adhoc nature of the broadcasting and the unrehearsed stuff everybody loves it - the wooden presenting style has gone and there is far more of the atmosphere of the race coming accross now.

  • Comment number 25.

    I was surprised about how no-one on the BBC F1 team (or Williams F1 evidently) knew the FIA rule 5.3:
    "The distance of all races, from the start signal referred to in Article 38.11 to the chequered flag, shall be equal to the least number of complete laps which exceed a distance of 305 km (Monaco 260km). However, should two hours elapse before the scheduled race distance is completed, the leader will be shown the chequered flag when he crosses the control line (the Line) at the end of the lap during which the two hour period ended. However, should the race be suspended (see Article 41) the length of the suspension will be added to this period."

    That's my only complaint about the coverage this week. Glad to hear you've mostly curtailed use of the phrase "KERS system" (translated to "Kinetic Energy Recovery System system"). And I'm really begining to warm to Johnathan Legard. As for the anchoring of the show, you're doing a fantastic job Jake, and DC really adds to the mix well.

  • Comment number 26.

    Must say that i went off f1 for a hkber of years and only really looked out for te results and watched bits of the british & monaco GP and the brailian gp at the end of last year.

    However i must say that this year maybe its because of the new rules were we are seeing more overtaking, or the excellent coverage from the bbc im starting to take more interest again in the sport

  • Comment number 27.

    For the race build-ups, stick with the 'organic' approach as much as you can - it's way more exciting, and captures the atmosphere of the build-up so much better than ITV did - their build-up was too obviously rehearsed and I've started watching that part of the show again. It's great to see a slightly longer grid walk too.

    Please get rid of the grid run-down with 3D car graphics that David has to talk over live (like a hospital pass) - it moves far too quickly and tells us nothing.

    Those 3D cars and track graphics are much better used for analysis like lines through corners and the distance between lap times: more of those inserts please.

  • Comment number 28.


    Great work on your coverage. Everyone deserves the break by the sounds of it (especially the motormouth of Mr. Jordan). Is he that irritating off screen?

    Maybe it would be worth running a BBC competition to select the weapon of choice to shut him up. I was thinking a boxing glove, gag, sellotape. Just something to give our ears a break. Don't get me wrong, it makes me laugh but he does talk some rubbish.

    My criticism of the Melbourne coverage was JL's commentating. Think we could all tell that MB was getting slighlty wound up. I think that this weekend was a vast improvement, hopefully give the old guy some confidence.

    Thought the best moment of this weekend was when MB was irritating the hell out of the Toyota crew. Very, very entertaining, man I love those pit walks.

    Have a good time in China.

  • Comment number 29.

    I just wanted to congratulate Jake & the bbc on great coverage. It is the tops.

  • Comment number 30.

    Great Coverage.But F1 is not just the racing,thats the final product.Your coverage is great(NO ADVERTS)so everything is covered.Would appreciate more off track reports before and after racing,especially from Martin Brundle yourself and Eddy Jordon.A post race disscusion would be most welcome,not just the top 3 but the other drivers who have given their all.30 MINS after the post race drivers conference would be great

  • Comment number 31.

    Good coverage so far of a couple of exciting races. Great to see the production team taking the input of the fans/viewers. So far the only small irritations are down to everyone still gelling, and I'm sure over the course of the season we're in for some great tv.

    @ #7 - Current FIA F1 Sporting regulations actually state:
    41) Suspending a race
    41.4) Whilst the race is suspended ... neither the race nor the timekeeping system will stop.

  • Comment number 32.

    Just returned with the family for holidays in the UK, thought the coverage was awesome. Do the BBC broadcast the coverage to any other parts of the world?

  • Comment number 33.

    I thought I would mention that even though Ross Brawns team had never tested in the wet, the car was still unbeatable. Not looking good for the old order, looks like the young guns are out to prove a point. Should make for one of the best seasons in a long time and not a single advert to spoil our viewing pleasure. I'm now happy to pay my License fee knowing F1 is back where it belongs.

  • Comment number 34.

    Coverage has been absolutely top notch - congratulations to all on a great job.

    Two thoughts for your feedback meeting:

    1) The Beeb sports teams have always been good at the closing music montage - Wimbledon is a prime example. A few catchy tunes and some glossy footage to go with it, preferably including a few pretty girls from the stands. There have been some shorter versions at the end of your new F1 coverage, but it would be nice to draw it out for a little longer if possible - it's a real treat to summarise the whole weekend.

    2) I've always wondered how the vast F1 behemoth moves from location to location... the logistics of moving all that equipment across the planet must be extraordinary. Would it be possible to do a report on this?

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  • Comment number 35.

    Loving what I've seen of the F1 coverage so far, one little gripe, is the iplayer! Why does it take so long to get the TV coverage up on there? Radio coverage up there nearly straight after the race. It's so hard to avoid finding out the result but to leave it so long before putting the race on iplayer almost seems pointless. I can understand after Australia as you wanted people to watch the rerun but after Malaysia ... 3 hours after the race had finished it still wasn't on iplayer (TV coverage I mean).
    Can someone shed light on this please?

  • Comment number 36.

    Hi Jake
    loving the coverage,jake are you planning to bring out a book at the end of season, enjoy your sauceage & mash and looking forward to China

  • Comment number 37.

    Cool Blog Jake,

    The photos of you with the chilli sauce and the toyota bike are quite funny, I think it is your facial expressions that make them look funny.

    I did enjoy the coverage of Malaysian GP and even when it was ended early, You, EJ and DC still provided good coverage, and that is a good thing when its Live because no one knows what is going to happen.

    About the VT i would have to agree with you because despite being nervous it does make much better television.

    Keep Up Brilliant Work!

  • Comment number 38.

    please please please get rid of eddie jordan. he says horrible and pointless things. it should just be coulthard and brundle!!

  • Comment number 39.


    Congratulations on what i thought was again excellent presenting, brilliantly backed up by eddie and david. In 2 races i feel the bbc has already come up with a programme 10 times better than anything itv ever managed. Really looking forward to China in 2 weeks, where im anticipating another excellent race, again with you eddie and david to back it up. Well done and keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 40.

    For a very ad-hoc one hour of television the BBC production did extremely well, filling on your feet like that cannot be easy, and I was also surprised by how much access Lee and Ted managed to get in that situation. It made for an interesting hour of television even if you were just 'staring at some rain'.

    The only part (and I honestly mean the only part) of the BBC ONE converge I don't like is the commentary. I'm probably biased towards the 5 live commentary jut because I've been listening to it for years but Crofty and Ant this year have been sublime and Brundle and Legard, who I have tried to listen to, I don't like as much. They are still making rookie mistakes (e.g. getting cars mixed up) which I didn't expect of Brundle given his reputation and it seems like Brundle talks over Legard sometimes. That said, there is always the possibility for growth and by the end of the season they will probably be much improved.

    That said, thanks for making the 5Live commentary available via the red button so it matches the images, the interactivity this year has been great, and your blogs are really insightful and interesting, too.

  • Comment number 41.

    Is it just me who finds it ridiculous that F1 doesn't air on BBC HD?

    Enjoying the blogs btw, this season is shaping up to be the most interesting in a while even if the finish might not be as close as the last few years.

  • Comment number 42.

    Hi Jake,

    You have been both blessed and tested by some of the most exciting racing and turbulent off track events of recent times, and the whole team has responded well.

    The website and blogs have been great.

    Not too sure about Martin's touch screen. Did it help tell the viewer more about the track layout and corners by showing it in a screen rather than seeing the images full frame?

    It should be kept for post race forum type analysis, and then used as a telestrator to allow DC and MB to show points of interest.

    I really enjoyed the forum (let me put off getting on with the rest of the day for a bit longer!). Please keep in mind that the viewers for this section are probably dedicated F1 fans so can take a bit more in depth stuff. I would like to see DC and MB talking about different lines drivers are taking through corners etc. Also please could you try and get Anthony Davidson on board for the forum. I know he is probably tied up with the radio but he is proving to be an excellent co-commentator / pundit.

  • Comment number 43.

    Some things to think about
    The hour before qualifying was amazing tv informative,educational and well presented.Well Done all behind the camera
    Race day: You on screen guys (JH DC EJ) need to wear cans so you can hear each other in the paddock/pit lane If you can't hear the question the answer is probably going to be pants
    Sort out your microphones you keep giving people stick mikes that are dead
    EJ top bloke but not a trained journalist interview with Bernie a wasted oppourtunity
    Martin's Grid walk in Malaysia was not his best work, chat with JB was nice the rest of the time he was going around in circles. This was a shame as he in normaly brilliant. To fail to plan is to......etc Show your producers some of his ITV work you don't get to be "Pundit of the Year" as often as he has without some great off screen support.
    Use Ted and Lee much more facts are much better than conjecture

    You "Scolari" was brilliantly done Well done you all!

    Ideas going forward

    The tyre ident in the race data would be excellent
    Why not do a profile on the Safety/ Medical cars
    A life in a day type features
    Proflies on Key FIA staff
    Proflies on Pit crew
    Logistics for the FIA and BBC
    Lifestyle features on drivers teams When do they arrive at circuit? Where do they stay? What do they eat? Body Clocks. Training. Psycology. etc etc
    Use Ted and Lee much more facts are much better than conjecture

    Overall,even if you had adverts, I think you guys would still be ahead of the ITV coverage and on reflection thats mostly your fault Jake.Keep it up and Well Done to you and the team

  • Comment number 44.

    You guys have made ITV's coverage look distinctly average. They tried too hard, and you guys make it look slick, professional and interesting (without patronising the viewer). DC and EJ are great additions (O.K. EJ is a bit over-eager at times, but the dynamic between him and DC is good fun)

    Well done to all at the BBC.

  • Comment number 45.

    Excellent coverage. Here are a few suggestions I have for your meeting! I would like to see "The Chain" over the closing montage and in the highlights programme how about credits like the BBC used to do in the 1978-1996 days of the original "Grand Prix" programme. Would love to see the names that make this wonderful coverage. Could you also ask Ted if he could write something for this website like his old ITV notebooks? Something from Lee would be nice too. ITV website used to do 'Ask The Team' - something like this would be good.

    And I would seriously love the grid lineup to be accompanied by "Ivory Tower" as it was in the late 80s/early 90s. I'd also like to see the highlights programme include a small segment on paddock news, along the lines of the old "Pit Bits" segment from 1987.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 46.

    Hi Jake,

    I have to say the BBC coverage has exceeded my expectations so far. JL and MB have yet to gel but I am sure this will come in time.

    I only really have one criticsm. As a long term fan I have taken a keen interest in the technical aspects of F1. Although there have been a few (very short) segments about these, It would be great if there were more.

    On ITV Martin Brundle was always very good at explaining the technical side and they used graphics to illustrate what is happening. Perhaps we could see more of this.

    I think that sometimes the technical side is ignored in F1 but it is a huge part of what the sport is. It is excellent that the BBC is attracting a whole new audience to F1 and it would be great if you could educate the audience in all the intricacies of the sport. This will ensure their interest grows and the new audience is maintained.

  • Comment number 47.

    ... By the way it is great to see that you are interested in the views of us fans when trying to improve the coverage. ITV never took such an interest!

  • Comment number 48.

    The BBC coverage is in a different class to ITV. The long wait after the red flag was a tricky and confusing time. We don't get many red flag's in F1 these days, so for many new fans of the sport, it is a very confusing situation. I thought you the coverage was very informative, where as ITV would probably have filled the stoppage with adverts.

    Keeep it up! F1 has not been this exciting for a long time.

  • Comment number 49.

    What a cracking race Malaysia was, yeah it was a shame it ended early but I am happier that it ended the way it did, rather than restart and watch drivers fall off the road behind the safety car... What we got was a confused result but one that by and large reflected the race we had seen, if they had restarted it would have just become a game of chance.

    I thought the BBC coverage was excellent, and most importantly an improvement over Australia (which I did enjoy). I just wish that the little VT packages about under steer and the like went into more details, I get that you don't want to scare off new fans but I think they need a bit more meat or you are going to annoy existing fans.

    The only other thing that I think urgently needs attention is the BBC website.. its got a bit better since the season has started but its still a confusing mess, and please shoot the mole... I am already sick of his "inside gossip" which is nothing more than news you report anyway or meaningless garbage.

    Keep up the good work and I can't wait for China.

  • Comment number 50.

    Jake, Now that you've taken a well earned deep breath, look back and feel a sense of pride for what you achieved on Sunday. This must surely be what being a live broadcaster is about - being dropped in at the deep end from a great height, with cameras cutting during the electrical storm to trying to present live discussion from a corner of a hospitality suite. Who would have thought that erstwhile children's TV presenter would mature in to someone who - in my view - did an admirable job under adverse conditions on Sunday. Whilst DC follows EJ's comments with "I disagree", you successfully managed to hold everything together. You say you hold a lot of respect for Steve Rider, I'm sure he now holds a lot of respect for you. Enjoy your Pie and Mash whilst you can, and we look forward to China.

  • Comment number 51.

    I have to disagree with some comments earlier - although EJ is somewhat finding his feet and occasionally makes some odd comments I find him absolutely brilliant and far more interesting to listen to than DC (though I'm sure he'll also improve over time!). OK, so his interview with Bernie wasn't so great but then again I guess he's really there to provide his own opinion, not attempt to garner the opinions of others.

    Spot on coverage so far, though wonder if 'The Chain' titles should instead be put on just before the five-minute warning as a 'right, that's the end of the chat, let's get down to business' salvo!

  • Comment number 52.

    Afraid I have to agree with #24. So much so that I have signed up to your website to express my views, never done this before but anyway...

    EJ likes the sound of his own voice too much, his opinions are often biased and often irrelevant. He has opinions on everything, even questions which are asked of DC from a drivers perspective! And far far too often he speculates about what somebody else may be thinking or may be doing, even when not asked, and he cannot possibly know if there is any truth to what he is saying.

    From a team boss perspective his views are important and I am keen to hear them but just needs reining in a little...

    I have reservations about JL, he is a but Murray-esq, but Brundle is class so I haven't been temted to switch over (yet)!

    Otherwise, so far so good!

  • Comment number 53.

    Jake, you and the team did a very good job. Of course, it felt like a filler after a certain amount of talk, but race suspension is something that's likely to happen when a sporting event such as this is held in the afternoon in such a country - not clever! But what can you do apart from giving insights and keeping up the interest levels as you did?

    To be honest, I was worried when I heard you would be doing the F1, Jake. I thought you might give it a patronising, kiddie feel as I'd only seen you do kids' TV. But it all seems to work very well.

    Regarding the differences between ITV's rehearsed performances and your "live" feel, I much prefer the up-to-date, nitty gritty sense I get from your coverage. My advice: don't polish too much, don't go over the top on the fake enthusiasm, and keep it real. The less presentational fluff we have and the more insights and reality from the experts we get, the better.

    One other small point: the 3D animated grid is pretty poor. The graphics look like they're on an old Playstation and we don't always get time to read and process the names as they go by - as DC found out. :)

    Great stuff so far. Many thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 54.

    The coverage is very good.

    I don't mind the fact that EJ is opinionated. However, the man is illiterate. Perhaps the BBC should have employed someone who can articulate his views, rather than stumble over them.

  • Comment number 55.

    Hi Jake.

    Another good programme.

    I see that following DC in Australia it was your turn to wear the pink shirt this week! Is it clothing accessory that has to passed around the whole BBC team? If so, my money is on Jonathan Legard wering the pink shirt in China.

    I was disapointed that there was no forum this time, but you are probably right that you could not have said much more than you did in the normal coverage. But please do put the email / text address up so that we can contribute.

    What a good decision to present "the big Phil" from the Brawn garage. It was great to hear the cheers when the result was confimed. It was good to present in front of that giant plasma screen so that we could see the main feed whilst you were all talking.

    I disgree with pretty much all of the other posts - I think EJ is doing OK. Granted his Bernie interview wasn't the best, but as a pundit, it is good to have somone who presents a non mainstream view and who is prepared to argue their corner. It has been good to hear liveley constructive debate rather than mundane cosy and cordial discussion. Encourage this debate between the pundits. Bring back the pundits driver of the day and why not let us have a vote on it?

    With regards to the pre show and post race show - I too prefer the unscripted stuff. Dont make it look to polished.

    With regards to the highlights show - Can the BBC Three 60 second news team stop telling us all about the race just before the programe starts. Also a little more Pit and Paddock news would be good and plenty of post race interviews.

    Overall Very Good 9/10.

  • Comment number 56.

    I agree with some of the comments on here about EJ. He is error prone, wooly in his views and the "interview" with Bernie was terrible. Bernie needs to have answers coaxed out of him and all EJ did was ask the question then provide half the answer to it!

    DC is much better suited to the role and I for one would like to see you trial just the two of you anchoring the show in China.

    Finally, it was nice to hear Hybrid's 'Finished Symphony' and Ladyhawke's 'Paris is Burning' on as the musical inserts - in my opinion not cheesy at all! However, I should have put money on 'Umbrella' being the choice for the end-of-programme montage...

  • Comment number 57.

    Just thought I'd add my thoughts. Firstly I love you, DC & EJ. It's inevitable that at some point there will be a bust up between DC & EJ but I still think it's great.

    I'm also really happy that the beeb brought Ted and Martin over from ITV, as they were two of my faves. Pity we've lost Louise but I guess we can't have everything and Lee's doing a good job.

    The main problem I have is John Legard. He's too eager to talk over Martin and gets far too excited, often making obvious mistakes. I'd hoped this was first night nerves with Australia but it didn't get much better yesterday. If he could calm down and let Martin take the lead, it would be a much better listen.

    I'm also very happy that the bbc has remembered there are 20 drivers on the grid. When was someone as low down the field as Nakajima has a proper interview on ITV. Regardless of what you think of him, it was very much becoming the Lewis show in the same way it was once the Schumacher show. So well done for finding a good blend of impartiality but not going so far you ignore it when brits win.

  • Comment number 58.

    I think the BBC coverage is great. Don't go for the pre-recorded VTs and interviews. F1 is unpredictable and taking that approach to the pre and post race fits nicely and makes it more exciting. I would rather have a few surprises and mistakes as that is what makes live TV great plus it prepares people more for situations like on Sunday, you can't rehearse things like that and any post race scripts go out the window.

    I wish F1 was in HD this year too but I read that it can't be because the pictures come from the host broadcaster and they aren't filming it in HD, but will this still be the case for the British GP?

  • Comment number 59.

    I am hugely impressed with the BBC F1 coverage. I actually thought the ITV coverage minue the Hamilton fest and adverts was good, but you've blown it out of the water. Especially the way you talk about the british drivers, but seem to give a fair shout to everyone else. I think it was the first interview I'd ever seen with Nakajima this weekend. ITV didn't seem to think he existed lol.

    My only complaint is Jonathan Legard. After hearing David Croft on the practice sessions on the red button it is clear that he is a better commentator for this sport. Jonathan to me seems repetitive and forgetful in relation to who is driving for which team. Also doesn't seem to ever be looking at the same screen as us?

    Whilst even the great MB makes the odd mistake, you can allow it because he's such a legend the rest of the time.

    Can I also say the Force India chap on the practice sessions, (can't remember his name :o ) and Anthony Davidson are excellent, keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 60.

    BBC coverage is great, and a big well done to the team for the one hour 'jamming session' between the race being stopped and the result being called. I for one found this both interesting and informative. Looking forward now to another Brawn win in China.
    I may have to watch the first two again if withdrawal symptoms come in next weekend!!

  • Comment number 61.

    Hi Jake,

    Once again, excellent coverage from the BBC, especially as you and the team need to "think on your feet" and keep up the interest when there's not a lot of action happening on the track.

    My only criticism, and it's directed towards Bernie/The FIA and not the BBC, is why schedule the race start for 5pm local time (10am BST), which has proved to be "monsoon time"? I realise that they have been tinkering with the start times of fly-away races to appeal to the European audiences, but I'd still happily get up at 7am to watch an 8am race start and expect to see a full race run in daylight and relatively clear weather.

    Anyway, top marks again to you, DC, EJ, Martin and Ledgy and to F1 (& Brawn GP in particular) for a great start to the season.

  • Comment number 62.


    I suppose that the biggest compliment that I could pay you is to tell you that following the BBC f1 coverage I switched to ITV for their live coverage of the BTCC which was fronted by Steve Ryder and I found his work to be good, but not as good as yours. Ryder was competent and confident but his performance was a bit wooden in comparison. So, I would say that you've surpassed the previous best in the business!

    As for the rest of the BBC coverage, I am largely impressed.

    I am pleased to see that Jonathan Legard is getting some slightly more positive reviews after Malaysia, as his performance was improved. The relationship with Martin Brundle still seems a little awkward but time will sort that.

    EJ was a little more controlled in Malaysia than in Australia and closer to where he needs to be. But don't neuter him!!! His interview with Bernie wasn't particularly great TV, maybe (the consistently excellent) Ted Kravitz or Martin Brundle could have fielded that one.

    Only one gripe. Too many pictures of Anthony Hamilton in the race build-up. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I'm beginning to share the same irritation that Jeremy Clarkson has hinted at. I have no problem with Anthony, but does he really deserve to have his face shown more than Lee McKenzie?

    Just one question, why was Ted Kravitz report on Mclaren's misleading of the stewards, altered and the sentiments watered down for the race broadcast?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 63.

    Whatever else you do, please get some decent pics done of the team...the cheesy set-up portraits really don't work.

    The worst is of Martin Brundle who looks like a granny in his. Now, he may have driven rather like one (only kidding...) but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want that blog pic of his to be his visage for very long.

    The coverage, however, of the races is excellent. Along with others I'd like to hear more from Martin and DC on driver's racing lines/adaptations to circuits/weather/car conditions.

  • Comment number 64.

    Hi all

    I have so enjoyed F1 back on the BBC. The coverage is great. I agree with previous message re stop of race and the excellent commentary thereafter. I did not mind in the least that the race was stop the chat between Jake, Eddie and David was so informative and interesting.

    I particulaly like the music bits with a recap of all events at end of show. Whowever picks songs is right on the money. Race commentary with Martin and Johnathan is always great as well.

    So well done to all concerned it really is a great show. Just one thing could we possibly have Murray for a little guest appearance at some point.

  • Comment number 65.

    Don't beat yourself up over last weekends race - BBC's coverage of F1 (even in just 2 races) has been of the highest quality. Your mammoth fill for the last hour of the Malaysian GP was professional, informative and above all very good television (definitely not bothering on - and anyway it works for Top gear).
    Part of the reason it was so entertaining was that as viewers we got to see and hear from a range of F1 characters that rarely get a look in.
    Your (protracted) interview with David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan was very well handled, you never once looked overcome by events or lost for an intelligent question during what must have been a pretty stressful hour. I am certain that one of the reasons you handled that so well is that you know when to shut up and let the 'expert' speak - a rare and diminishing art with many television interviewers these days.
    Also your not without excellent support; as the main presenter for BBC's F1 coverage your heading up a superb team: Jonathan Legard's commentary is just brilliant, Murray Walker like in his enthusiasm, yet with clear diction that is a delight to listen to - and he too knows when to zip it and let the expert speak (in this case the hugely informative Martin Brundle). And Ted Kravitz - 'news from the pit lane' moments are equally good.
    In any event I'd much rather watch you, DC and Eddie while away a wet afternoon chatting about F1 than I would spending it watching a seemingly endless stream of overworked adverts for cheap tacky, here today and gone tomorrow, rep mobile cars.
    Thank you BBC F1 - You are the Brawn GP of motor sport commentary.

  • Comment number 66.

    It looks like BBC are getting access to teams that ITV didn't get, like the friendly interview with the Ferrari boss. We love Jenson and Lewis, but remember we like the other teams and drivers too! Please try not to make any team into "the enemy" like in the bad old days of Schumacher vs Damon Hill, or Ferrari vs McLaren.


  • Comment number 67.

    Great to see the Beeb back in the F1 paddock. Thought the MB and Toyota incident was classic TV! It really feels like much more exciting season this year, so much so even the wife sat down and watched the race!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 68.

    brilliant coverage so far, worth my tv lisence fee alone, the only gripe i have is EDDIE JORDAN!! as a team boss i loved him, i remember being in tears when damon won in spa and you can't fault what he has done for the sport giving so many drivers their first chance in f1, but can you please tape his mouth up!?!?

    the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as soon as i heard fleetwood mac fire up at the start of the australia coverage, oh the memories!

    to be honest jake i as a little surprised when i found out you were hosting the f1 coverage but i hold my hands up you've done a great job so far, steve/jim who?

    keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 69.

    Great coverage this weekend, I love that F1 is back to the BBC. The non-interrupted coverage during the build up to quali and the race makes it all that more exciting. Really interesting to see some good interviews in the pit lane, and I am impressed with your F1 knowledge; it's like you've been doing the job for years! I was glad to see (or hear) more from Lee over the weekend, and the cheekiness of Martin on the grid walk. Awesome race, and with a dramatic finish. Good to see Jonathan getting into the swing of things this race, much better than Australia. Cannot wait for the rest of the season. I am just gutted I cannot get the interactive coverage in Dublin, anyway you could put some of it on the website, especially the forum, so it can be accessed from Republic of Ireland?


  • Comment number 70.

    Jake, Interesting Blog as ever. Totally different perspective for us to read what its actually like to put the show on. And well done on the talk-athon after the Red Flag in Sepang. Its moments like that which confirm you, DC and EJ are a good team.

    You ask about feedback for the coverage?

    1. The show feels more polished and professional than it did on ITV. It looks like the lack of rehersal, as you said above, actually helps, as opposed to the "sentence for you" "Sentence for me" approach that ITV adopted. I like the informal nature of it. Feels like 3 blokes having a chat rather than a scripted converstaion.

    2. Love the chats between you, DC and EJ. EJ is getting some negative comments and i can see why, but i think it is important to have someone there who can instigate debate and is very opinionated. I don't want to see 3 blokes agreeing. Plus, i like the fact EJ could be a bit of a loose cannon on air. Makes it a bit more edgy. I suspect he may wind DC up on occasions, Tough for you.. great for us to watch.

    3. Ted Kravitz. Took me a while to warm to this bloke when he was on ITV but after his first season he got the hang of it. He's now on the money most of the time with regards to whats going on in the pits and his questioning of some of the Team Principles has been hard but fair, eg Martin Whipmarsh. eg His interview in Sepang asking the Ferrari communications director why he thought Raikonnen was ready to carry on if the race restarted, whilst going on to point out he'd just seen Raikonnen sat in his shorts. A good appointment.

    4. JL - Still thinks he's on radio. I actually like the tone of his voice and his commentary style. He just needs to get to the point quicker when he's talking about regulations / tactics..etc. It caught him out a few times in Sepang when he never got to the end of a sentence as something had happened on screen. I still think he'll improve and will gel with Martin. It must be a tough job keeping your eye on 2 or 3 screens at a time. Practice makes perfect, keep it concise.

    5. Croft and Davidson for the practice sessions. Fantastic. Great Insight from AD. Often watch bits of them on the build up to a weekend. Again, their comments and the things they are able to talk about during the long practice sessions offer a different perspective and depth of detail for those that want it.

    6. LM - She's doing Ok. She'll get better with practice also and get a better rapport with the drivers. Can't complain.

    7. Martin Brundle. The best. Grid walks are top notch as usual, eg winding up the Toyota mechanics at Sepang trying to look at the Diffuser. Picking out the different lines of drivers during qualifying at Sepang was interesting with the TV he used with replay options on. ITV use a similar thing live in the studio for their football coverage and its a total disaster every time, however, the pre-recorded bit with Brundle was slick and interesting - keep it pre-recorded.

    8. Keep the interactive discussion forum on the red button. Good stuff for those that want it.

    Basically, in terms of Personnel, you are superior to ITV, and the individuals that couldn't be beaten, (eg Martin Brundle), you've hired.

    Been watching F1 for 25years. You've beaten my expectations and raised the standard. Well done

  • Comment number 71.

    Great blog Jake, and great coverage in general. This weekend was my first experience of the new BBC1 coverage as I was in Melbourne watching the first race live, and I have to say I was very impressed with the BBC's efforts. I wasn't expecting to like DC as much as I do but I think he's a natural in front of the camera - less so Eddie Jordan, but I do think he adds something to the coverage and I enjoy the way he interracts with you and DC.
    I thought the way you handled the red flag situation was excellent. You were informative without being repetitive, which can't have been easy at the time!
    I enjoyed the commentary and I think JL and MB seem to work well together. I've not listened to the other commentaries but my sister-in-law said she watched with the CBBC commentary and was very impressed that it is not at all patronising - she suggested it is the perfect commentary not just for kids but for anyone new to F1 who doesn't know about or understand the technical aspects or the politics of the sport.

    Here are some suggestions:
    1. A clear index of all the F1 content on the website would be good - I often miss stuff if it's not highlighted on the main page.
    2. If the beeb gets another interview with Eccleston, please don't let EJ do it! A trained journalist who is not afraid to ask questions would be better - and one of those questions should be why Bernie still thinks a 'medal system' is a good idea when everyone else who knows or cares about F1 thinks it could potentially ruin the sport and cause many spectators to lose interest.
    3. I echo the suggestion to get rid of the 3D grid graphic - it moves faster than DC can talk so he ends up having to skip half of it, rendering it mostly pointless.
    4. More post-race interviews/analysis would be great. Can't wait to see what the forum is like after the China GP, it sounds like an excellent feature.

    Overall, well done to the whole team on your brilliant coverage. I had high hopes but you've surpassed them.

  • Comment number 72.

    I must say I've enjoyed the coverage so far and especially the "fill" time from the monsoon in the last race.

    I think the BBC lucked out with a season that finished with Hamilton winning the championship followed by a new season with a topsy-turvy grid, a different Brit in the lead and a new set of regs that seem to have acheived their purpose of actual overtaking on the circuit.

    Add in the great crew you guys have put together and F1 is back as a spectacle, interesting to watch, presented by an interesting, eclectic mix of presenters who, in the main, appear to know what they are talking about.

    Well done.

  • Comment number 73.


    All I can say is what fantastic coverage it has been and you have been outstanding. I have to omit i was a bit concerned when you were employed, but i hold my hands up now and the BBC have a made a great choice.

    Red button coverage is superb, but I wonder if we could have a choice of on board cameras, which would finish it off.

    The BBC have not lets us down and JL is warming on me as well although as has been previously stated I do believe David Croft would have been a better choice.

    The fill in was very professionally done, even though my 4 year old kept saying "Daddy, when are the men going to stop talking, so we can see more cars crash in the rain".

    Well done to you all

  • Comment number 74.

    great coverage. Loved having the red button options....That allowed me to switch off from the horrible pontificating Eddie Jordan. I dont know who thought of having him in the Beeb team but they made a big mistake. I hope they bite the bullet, but knowing them they will persevere in the hope he will improve. he wont. He is what he is and at his age he isnt going to change. Its not even as if he is adding anything by being the disagreeable "shock-jock". he is just not TV pundit material....He is so bad I would be happier with Jordan the model in his place!

    Maybe to let him down gently you could replace him with a different "celebrity" for each race if you cant find someone of the calibre of you and DC.

    Having got that off my chest. I have to say I find the amateurishish of F1 beyond belief....We have Charlie Whiting turning up in some back corrider (while loads of free loaders wander through) to tell Glock:

    "sorry mate you have sat out on the grid in the wet for an hour thinking you're second. Well you're not. You're third!"

    Totally ridiculous and shows just how incompetent F1 is.

  • Comment number 75.

    Hi Jake,

    I love the coverage, it's exceeded my high expectations and I think it'll only get better. DC and Eddie provide some great insights into what the teams and drivers will be thinking and doing over the course of the weekend and they're a real asset to the team. As for you, I think you're a very natural and talented presenter and I'm a big fan of your presenting style. Dare I say it, I prefer you to Steve Rider already.

    The commentating is also good, obviously Martin Brundle has established himself as a brilliant commentator and Jonathan is complementing him well although sometimes he can get lost in the heat of the moment haha. One thing I've really enjoyed has been tuning into the practice sessions (something I've never done before) to listen to the 5live commentary. I have to say that David and Anthony are brilliant. Anthony has made the switch from cockpit to commentary booth impeccably and answers all the questions from fans and David is always entertaining and manages to make a 1 hour 20 minute session fly by. Also, Lee and Ted are both very insightful and should be rewarded for getting the big news during the race.

    I love the interactivity that the BBC has introduced. This is someone I really wanted on ITV and again it's even better than I imagined. From the use of Murray Walker to answer questions to the superb use of the red button during to the weekend it has all made it really easy to get involved with the coverage. The website is good too and I have it favourited, I'm on there every 10 minutes! The one thing I would like to add would be a midweek video blog from one of the team about the last race or the upcoming race if there's a 2 week break between races oh and also maybe a few polls on the key issues in F1 at the time.

    I also like the way you cover the whole field of drivers instead of just the British drivers or the few drivers fighting for the World Championship and the new 3D grid is a great innovation although maybe a commentary by Martin on the pole position lap could be incorporated.

    As for the Malaysian debacle at the end of the race, I thought you did a sterling job, especially without any adverts to break up the time. I loved the three blokes rambling on because it's something I certainly do at home with the family and you certainly picked the right garage to sit in. I love the forum too and although there wasn't one this week, I'll be tuning in next week and hopefully contributing with some questions!

    Overall, a first rate job and I simply can't wait till the next Grand Prix! Fantastic to see it back on the BBC and keep up the good work

  • Comment number 76.

    Great to have Auntie Beeb back into F1! Everyone doing a great job, however I do worry about the inclusion of Eddie(Louis Walsh)Jordan on the team he does run away with himself and you can see the frustration on DC's face. Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 77.

    Couple more detailed thoughts Jake,
    that grid graphic at the start is ok BUT it has to go slower! Its impossible to take in the order at the speed it was running and impossible for DC to comment on as we saw on Sunday.

    The Chain should definately play at the end credits too as well as the start.

    During the forum and even generally, be aware that there is a large contingent of the audience that hasn't missed a race for probably 2 or more decades and therefore finds the "if you are watching for the first time" kind of thing a bit annoying. Watching the BBCs excellent MotoGP coverage should show you what I'm on about (its this weekend, go on what else were you going to do... ;) They tend to assume quite a level of knowledge on the part of their audience and actually, if we don't understand something its good to go off an research it or ask you guys as you are so interactive.

    I know you are trying to cover a more mainstream audience than MotoGP but its great not to feel patronised!

  • Comment number 78.

    Welcome back Jake, yet another great coverage by the BBC F1 team, loving the red button with all the diff options & the as for the website it knocks spots of the ITV one well done :

    Hope you have a great Easter to & i look forward to the next race:

  • Comment number 79.

    I wouldn't worry about the pre recorded VT thing from ITV mnate you guys are already doing a better job... I love the weay the show is presented

  • Comment number 80.

    Jake. I love the pictures of you with the chilli sauce and on your bike. Just as good as your excellent broadcasting. After watching you on CBBC in the past and more recently the Olympics and Sports personality I had every faith you'd do a great job on F1 and you haven't let us down. You could be on your way to becoming a sports presenting legend if you keep it up in years to come. So in essence, big thumbs up from me. Just give the producers a few hints about Eddie Jordan.. it's clear the majority of people are not keen on him as a pundit. You and David make up for this fortunately.

    Always nice to read these blogs, so thanks for taking the time out to write them.

  • Comment number 81.

    just read your blogg and an entertaining job you make of it and as to your comment re ITV pre recording I for one are glad that you do not .The whole team and presentation seems so much more interesting than last year Plus the raceing too is so much more fun to watch and the pre season add The Greatest Car Chase in the World is now a true statement

  • Comment number 82.

    Hi Jake, I posted a few minor faults in the Sport Editors blog, but will update slightly now after this weekend.

    1) Is it possible to have the extra feeds for all sessions on the Red Button, or is this a cost issue?
    2) A lot of the content was never actually included in the Red Button / Online schedule. For example, we didn't know until Friday that Friday practice was being looped all day on the Red Button. Could you please get them to update the list fully just so that we don't miss anything.
    3) Is it possible to leave Friday practice on the loop slightly longer (until midnight say) as it was taken off around tea time and those at work can't record from Sky+
    4) The consensus appears to be the mosaic screen doesn't work. Can we not just have the full onboard channel?
    5) Why is 'The Chain' not used over the credits at the end?
    6) Finally, Jake please stop talking over the end of 'The Chain' at the start of each programme. Just give it a few more seconds to die down. For me, the best bit of the music is the part just after the BBC Sport logo comes on at the end.

    See here at 02:15 for an example

    Apart from that nit-picking, thank you so much for this fantastic coverage. If it carries on like that for the next 5 years, you certainly won't be getting any comments like the barrage of complaints the other side got.

  • Comment number 83.

    Great coverage so far, what an exciting start to the season! One point on coverage. I would like to hear more from Martin Brundle before and after the race. He is such an authority on F1, and is candid and concise in his opinions. His contributions to the Forum last week were excellent, and the more air time he has, the better the coverage is.

  • Comment number 84.

    I thought you all did a fab job considering the confusion at the end!

    I'd really like it if there was a separate menu for video's somewhere on the site, because I often feel like I've missed something.

    I also loved the video with Kazuki, it's nice to get to know different drivers. Can't wait to see an interview with Kimi! Maybe persuade him with ice cream?

  • Comment number 85.

    Hi Jake,

    First off, very well done on your coverage over the last 2 race weekends. It is a breath of fresh air to have F1 with out the Advert breaks.

    Yourself, David and Eddie seem to have things down to a T. The banter between Eddie and David is cracking.

    Keep up the great work.

    Are the BBC likely to be running any race weekend competitons this season? Forgive me if I have missed any news.... Maybe budget restrictions are palying a part...

    Enjoy the season.

    Best wishes

    Geoff Powell
    Aeronautical Engineer
    Wales UK

  • Comment number 86.

    Please don't look at what ITV did and compare it with what you guys are doing. You are a class apart, absolutely fantastic coverage with a great line-up.

    I drifted away from F1 during the Ferrarri dominance and ITV coverage, and the drooling over Hamilton last year just about finished it off for me.. But I knew the BBC were getting coverage back, and the rules had changed, and Ross Brawn had bought Honda, so I thought it might be worth another look and for once I was absolutely spot-on.

    Great work Jake, (I vote keep EJ in there, I love the unpredictability!)

  • Comment number 87.

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  • Comment number 88.

    hi mate..
    great show really warming to DC..he comes accross as very articluate and knowledgeable.
    Martins Grid Walk is THE highlight of the 1st hour and i feel should be extended so he can get right up and down the grid.
    EJ is starting to settle in and was much more controlled so good on him.
    As far as yourself goes..well, im surprised that you kept it together as well as you did..lots of questions to the boys from the top of your head shows that you know your stuff and that came accross mate when we were all praying for a re-start so well done again!
    You all deserve a good weee break before safe journey home and keep up the superb work.


  • Comment number 89.

    Hi Jake,

    Loving your blog and your live coverage. The team including yourself is great. My highlight of the entire weekend was Brundle's stand against the Toyota guy telling him not to film, “I think you'll find it’s a free country, I can film whatever I want" - brilliant!

    My only criticism I have to say is Eddie Jordan. The Bernie Eccleston interview was cringe worthy and pointless. Eddie should stick to what he does best which is interrupting David Coulthard every time he tries to make a point. (Something which I found really annoying) After all David has only just stepped out of an F1 car and Jordan speaks to him as if he has never even watched the sport before.

    Keep the blogs coming

  • Comment number 90.

    All I can say is Formula 1 is back home.

    The BBC doing what it does best. Sports broadcasting at its best.

    The whole event was brilliantly put together, and whilst I admit to being concerned how you'd cover the rain break, it was genius setting up in the BrawnGP garage.

    Looking forward to China...

    Keep up the great work Jake and team.

  • Comment number 91.

    Just to reply to one part of your blog post, the VT's and the 'rehearsals' ITV had. The VTs were very snazzy on ITV, and yours are shorter, I noticed. But no complaint. What really worries me is that Steve Ryder had time for rehearsal and STILL punctuated his sentences with the microphone instead of his voice! LOL

    I must say other than you, Steve and Jim before him both looked like they were reporting for golf or horse riding or cricket or something but not for motor sport. You're doing a great job. Eddy Jordan needs some more elocution lessons, DC has always been a smooth talker. I enjoy his comments a lot.

    I also love the fact that you have commentary for free practice. Anthony Davidson is doing a great job there, too! Although I bet he's really itching to drive...

  • Comment number 92.

    Hi Jake,

    Brilliant coverage, and well done on filling in nearly an hour of coverage, you guys did a fantastic job on what must have been a very unexpected event!

    Nice job on getting the network feed behind you as well, was so nice to be able to basically watch the feed while listening to you all discussing the race events and what had happened, so top marks to yourselves and the Brawn GP team for allowing you to broadcast from there.

    And MB, so so funny watching you mess around with the Toyota mechanics. As you said, it's in the public, and there's plenty of pictures so what use is it standing there. No wonder some teams are struggling if they're paying 5 idiots to stand at the back of the car. Surely a temporary wall would be cheaper?!?!

    BBC's coverage has been the best for years, graphics are awesome, commentary is brilliant, Ted is as lively in the pits as ever, and as for Martin's Gridwalks, so so glad he's still there, and even better, slightly longer thanks to no breaks!

    I'm loving this season so much... F1 heaven!

  • Comment number 93.

    Jake, I just want to let you know that you're doing a great job, your delivery is flowing, informed and entertaining, great stuff.
    Also I'm really enjoying the red button coverage of Friday practice and the On Board pictures during the race. Keep up the good work.

  • Comment number 94.

    The wonderful nature of the BBC F1 coverage was brought home to me when I sat down to watch the IndyCar race on Sky (from the USA provider Versus) on Sunday night. I enjoy following the Brits (now 5) in IndyCar but by the end of 7 safety car interventions with multitudinous ad breaks (not all in sync with the safety car periods either I might add), and anything that moved was "sponsored" - even some pit reports (can you imagine Martin Brundle "handing over to Ted in the pits, sponsored by such-and-such") I was questioning my sanity, and appreciating even more the BBC F1 pundits, content, red-button and interactive material - just the way it should be done!

  • Comment number 95.

    Hi Jake,

    Thank God for BBC! As someone who vaguely remembers the old BBC coverage, I am delighted that the BBC has got F1 back. No more ad breaks during important stages of the race. I live in Ireland and Setanta Sports in Ireland have the rights to F1 here and, like ITV, they have ad breaks at various stages, although not as many as ITV did. I would rather listen to yourself, DC, and EJ, and anyone else in F1 for that matter, natter on then have to put up with endless commercial breaks. I am also glad to see that although another Brit is doing well this year, the attention isn't totally focused on Lewis Hamilton and/or Jenson Button, that other drivers are being given as much attention as they deserve.

    I have been up early for the last 2 week-ends (something that is normally alien to me at week-ends!) watching the coverage and it has been well worth the early mornings for it. 2 cracking races full of excitement and it is great to see Jenson Button finally win some races.

    Roll on China on Sunday week.

    By the way, someone commented on the text service when the race was abandoned about how would that work, when only half points (medals??) were being awarded because the race hadn't run to 75% distance?? I thought that was a brilliant thought!!

    Good luck for the coverage for the rest of the season. You will have one follower here who won't be switching stations during coverage, because no ads to me means no need to switch.


  • Comment number 96.

    Hi Jake,
    Would just like to add my congratulations to you all on the coverage so far. Some of the comments against EJ are a bit cruel as it takes time to adjust to being a pundit on TV. JL did improve in Malaysia but you can still tell he comes from a radio background, again give him time and I am sure he will improve. Really looking forward to China.

  • Comment number 97.


    Firstly congratulations. Have seen you on other shows and felt that you seemed slightly off compared to other presenters. However i will gladly eat my words as you have helped with the BBC having such good coverage this year.

    The fill for me worked well, fans could see the issues on why the race was halted, and yo didnt push that the race would 'inevitably' be restarted and gets fans hopes up.

    I also feel for you having to control EJ. What a man, but he really can talk can't he! It is good however to have DC and EJ there, one being a driver, and one a team owner. You really get a fullfilled quality of coverage during the buildup to the race.

    Lastly, ITV may have rehearsed more with their VT work, however their performances were far too wooden and obviosuly scripted. This more organic way of presenting the shows that the BBC has shown (thank you for explaining) has been much improved and the programme flows much much better!

  • Comment number 98.

    Hi Jake,

    I've been very impressed by the BBC coverage so far. Sure there have been some niggling mistakes but that is to be expected when it's all new, and these mistakes will be ironed out over time.

    Worthy of comment are the following:

    1) Eddie Jordan sometimes makes out that it is the "Bernie Ecclestone" show - specifically see his points regarding Brawn being wasn't just the "hand of Ecclestone" as EJ put it. And his interview with Bernie was a bit weak (I wondered if he was trying to get a slot on the grid next year with the new limited costs and thatwas why it was so "pandering"), but in general EJ has been good, and DC and yourself have been excellent.

    2) You say you did no rehearsals - keep it that way as long as it works nicely, like it did on Sunday!

    3) Jonathan Legard was a bit like McLaren in Australia - off the pace. You could tell that he'd not done F1 in a while and that he had relatively little TV commentary experience. Whilst he still made mistakes in Malaysia (see describing Alonso being in front of Barrichello just after having watched the Brawn pass Alonso!), his rapport with Martin Brundle is improving and his commentary is much more up to speed. I'm sure that in another 2/3 races he will be great.

    So keep up the good work in general...oh, and more emails on the F1 Forum!!

  • Comment number 99.

    Hi Jake

    I've really enjoyed the BBC coverage of F1 and have very few criticisms. I understand what people are saying about Eddie but I can put up with him just because he is an interesting character.

    I think the best part of the BBC coverage has been the commentary of David Croft and Anthony Hamilton who have been EXCELLENT. I've even sacrificed Martin Brundle and started listening to their commentary on race day it is that good. By the way, has anyone else noticed just how much David Croft sounds like Rufus Hound???

    Also, can we see more of Lee McKenzie for obvious reasons!!!

    Overall I give you and the BBC coverage a well deserved 9.5 out of 10.


  • Comment number 100.

    Hey Jake good to see you have taken up the F1 presenting job with ease, It's always good to see those with a good sense of humour added to the F1 circle.

    I don't feel let down by the sepang short race, Had the race been early with no rain fine it would have been a nice long one but the rain causes huge action on the track and takes away lot of predictability. It's good to have at least one race each season like that no matter how short.

    Basically on Sunday I was entertained, the only thing which is not entertaining is the Hamilton affair. Watching the evidence video clearly Hamilton himself knew more than his team by over taking truli, had is team let him stay ahead he would have been fine and Hamilton knew it. What ever happend after was clearly presure from the team leaders to patch up their error of judgement and bring the driver down with them.

    I have lost a lot of respect for Mclaren for using hamilton like that after what he did for them last season, thats shocking really and makes you wonder, do Mclaren really deserve a driver with his level of skill?

    The politics around this issue is the least entertaining aspect in F1 at the moment and the penalities should lay in the constructors only. Who would be more entertained if they would just let hamilton get on with his job? a skirmish between the two brits would be very cool.


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