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Name that chicken

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Jennifer Tracey | 10:04 UK time, Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Not a Rhode Island Red

We used the picture above to illustrate the disappearence of Jane Sendell's Rhode Island Red bantam, Ruby. Jane alerted iPM by sending a sentence to our Your News slot. Stoats were the assumed culprits, but the mystery continues. Jane updates us:

'Ruby hasn't been found (this wasn't helped, I feel, by using a picture of a Buff Orpington in your kind appeal to the public). We're pretty sure that she has been eaten but we cannot rule out the possibility that she joined the Shadow Cabinet, given the range and depth of her intellect.'

Buff Orpington? Opps. Apologies.

Is chicken recognition a dying art? Can you name the chicken pictured below?

Name this chicken!

Leave your entry on the blog.

UPDATE: All has been revealed.

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