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iPM's Theme Time Radio Quarter Hour

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Jennifer Tracey | 10:00 UK time, Friday, 30 January 2009


Bob Dylan has a radio show with a weekly theme. It's not a bad idea.

With iPM limbering up for its slimmer 5.45am slot, we're thinking about how we do justice to the things you share with us. With only 14 minutes to play with we'd like to try and tackle just one topic in each edition.

We're starting with a programme, prompted by listener Stephanie Butland , about what role mental attitude plays for those diagnosed with cancer.

In coming weeks iPM might* be about:

- Credit crunch crime. John Maher wrote to say that shop security guards treat him like a shoplifter. iPM is investigating whether theft is on the increase. And where do the stolen goods go? Does a recession make people more willing to buy things that have, ahem, fallen off the back of a lorry?

- Gissa volunteer job Following our item on the stigma of unemployment, Janiece Spence emailed to say that people shouldn't let their skills go to waste and while they hunt for a paid job they might consider becoming a volunteer. iPM called several volunteering organisations and found a marked increase in the numbers seeking unpaid posts. Have you lost a job, but become a volunteer? Are you in need of unpaid helpers? Or is it, in your experience, just not that simple?

*It's up to you, really.

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