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Dining on super-foods, want to join us?

Jennifer Tracey | 11:59 UK time, Tuesday, 13 January 2009

iPM listener Adrian Faiers isn't buying this goji berry and walnut message.

He thinks people are being misled into thinking that expensive, inconvenient foods with tags like local and organic are better for you than cheap, convenient foods like frozen veg.

This is Adrian's list of myths that he thinks are hijacking the healthy eating message:

'- Traditional, natural, organic, fresh and local automatically equate with healthy
- Organic food always tastes better
- Organic food is automatically higher in nutrients
- Frozen food is low in nutrients
- Microwaving is an unhealthy way to cook
- Traditional methods of cooking like baking, roasting, grilling and stir frying are healthy
- If you eat super foods at the expense of more ordinary foods, you'll be healthier
- You can't get too much sugar from eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of fruit juice'

So, in good iPM style, we've invited ourselves round for dinner at Adrian's - that'll teach him for contacting us..

But I'm thinking we should take a guest. Someone who knows a thing or two about nutrition and food policy...suggestions welcome, maybe it should be you joining us?

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