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Jennifer Tracey | 17:00 UK time, Saturday, 6 December 2008

Like it says on those name badges: "How can I help you?"

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  • If you want to suggest a story... er... keep reading.

We're interested in several topics:

- After councillors in County Durham removed a Christmas tree for being too 'spindly', iPM listeners wrote in defence of tiny trees and lame lights. Do join in by sending us photos of Britain's best worst decorations.

- How is the credit crunch hitting expats? We've heard from Brits living in other EU nations saying that their pensions have shrunk. An MP also warned iPM that a downturn could increase tensions between expats and their host communities. Any experiences to share?

- What's YOUR news? Can you sum it up in ONE sentence? We'll see if we can find a special newsreader to deliver it with panache.

If you have other ideas or a personal experience of something in the news, add your comment to the bottom of this page or send us an EMAIL.


Dynamic demand! Is it the answer to our electricity supply problems? Will it help reduce carbon dioxide emissions? Will it save us the bother of building more power stations? And what on earth is it?

Listener Roger Barton says it works by intelligent fridges "sensing the increase in mains frequency when demand drops, so they switch on. The demand increases, so they switch off again. This reduces demand, so they switch on again. This increases demand. so they switch off again. This increases demand, so....." Get the picture? READ MORE.

"Rein de veau. Uh, what's that in English? Er, veal kidney. We've started eating offal." iPM heard from Leonora Wyatt about how she and other British pensioners living in the EU are struggling to fill their bellies and heat their homes thanks to the drop in the value of the Pound. READ MORE.

Enter your PIN. Then press ENTER Following an iPM item about ideas, the manager of Procul Harem emailed to say that ten years ago he thought up a gizmo to make cashpoints accessible to the blind and partially sighted.

iPM heard that many new ATM's have had the capability for audio for some time, but only a few banks are making use of it READ MORE.

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