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YOUR news headline.

Eddie Mair | 11:51 UK time, Tuesday, 25 November 2008

We're trying a new thingy this week on the programme. As you know, iPM is all about you (we're hugging you as I type this) and we think it will be fun to get YOUR news into the show.

Very simple. Just send us one sentence of news about your week. Don't rabbit on. Just one sentence. Email it to: ipm@bbc.co.uk putting MY NEWS in the subject line. Please don't add it here....we want to keep the surprise for Saturday, when we'll put the best of them together on iPM. Ta-da!

(You're creative enough not to need my help. But we don't mind whether it's "I washed the cat" or "I divorced my partner", though for your sake we hope it's the former. Honestly your cat is filthy. Look forward to hearing from you.) 1243 UPDATE: On the PM Blog Gossipmistress asks whether the news item will have your name attached. Good question. Answer: no!

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