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"...Why that's very nearly an earful!"

Eddie Mair | 12:20 UK time, Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Would you like Freddie Mercury in your ear and a needle in your vein? Veteran blood donor Richard Irving has emailed us to say no thanks.

"It is bad enough having your name, address and date of birth asked for about five times and being stuck twice for blood, but Queen at full blast for the duration of a donation?"

Piped music at the blood bank seems to be a bugbear for many, according to Pipedown,a campaign group promoting silence.

The National Blood Service for England and North Wales says there's a good reason for playing Queen. Hear it on iPM.

In the meantime, join in everybody, what should be on the blood donor playlist?

Our suggestions:

-Let it Bleed.
-You're so Vein.
-Ruby, Don't Take Your Blood to Town.
-If I Were a Rich Tea Buscuit Man.
-You're a Pink Toothbrush, I'm A Rhesus Negative.

Leave your suggestion....and, if you fancy, a word about your own blood donor experience...

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