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Vote Early, Vote Often

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Rupert Allman | 09:47 UK time, Tuesday, 30 September 2008

If the world could vote
Understandably, given events elsewhere, you might be feeling powerless. So here's one suggestion we are following up that might make you feel a little less disenfranchised. If you can park the idea that the current turmoil is part of a vast jewish conspiracy ( and I think you can ) then we still left with the fact that what happens over there matters a great deal to us over here.

So, assuming you are not registered to vote in November but remain keen cast your vote for John McCain or Barack Obama and make your voice heard, then you can, here, here and here. Remember it's just a bit of fun.

BBC US Election 2008

UPDATE: In the player below Daniel Franklin of the Economist (Global Electoral College) and Bragi Thor of Iftheworldcouldvote talk about their projects. The interviews were recorded over a week ago so check the web for the latest figures on the progress of both global votes.

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