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"Reprezent" on Radio 4

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Chris Vallance | 17:00 UK time, Saturday, 9 August 2008

It took a studio in Television Centre, a studio in Westminster and a radio car in Peckham, to set up a conversation between Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman MP (at the time in-charge of the country while Gordon was on holiday), Met Superintendent Victor Olisa, Ahmet Kashli a former prisoner and young South London men caught up in some of the violence in the area.

It was part of a radio experiment set up by South City Radio, a local community station in Peckham, London which tries to steer young people in away from crime by giving them an opportunity to make radio.

The conversation, hosted by South City's Michael Strikland, that resulted from all these tangled cables was thought provoking and moving. We heard a lot of bravado, a lot of disdain for working hard and getting a (low-paid) job and we heard things that were both unsettling and moving. Most of these young men, barely more than teenagers themselves, had children whose prospects must be even more uncertain than those of their parents.

The excerpt of the discussion we played is below, you can hear the whole of IPM here:

Add IPM Radio4's channel to your page

South City Radio have more of the discussion, and further analysis on their website. Well worth a visit.

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