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Padding up

Ryan Dilley | 13:38 UK time, Tuesday, 5 August 2008

After a disastrous lasting innings, Marc Settle has tearfully relinquished the captaincy of iPM. I've been rushed in as caretaker. I'm thrilled and excited.

I'm struggling with the batting order for the next test. (Is that enough of the cricket analogy? Yes.)

You'll hear Harriet Harman, a policeman and some young people from Peckham. You can't stop that. As for the rest of the show, you can still nudge it in the right direction. We've started work on a few ideas. Can I run them by you?

Are people really being harassed by strangers on trains, who anonymously send obscene images and messages via bluetooth? We're in contact with a victim.

A listener has emailed claiming to have driven along one of the world's most potholed public roads. It's in Surrey. Exaggeration, or a bone-shaking reality?

Scots have been warned they may not be able to wave the Saltaire at the Olympics. On our blog Tom_Harrop complains that supermarkets slap the banner on Scottish produce, but use the Union flag on food from England. Odd? Interesting?

The 12a classification of The Dark Knight has been called into question, but very young infants may see it anyway. An emailer has asked iPM to think about parent and baby screenings. Maura Crawley worries that the noise of blockbusters will harm young ears, and that the content might store up emotional problems for the future. I saw Deliverance, alone, when I was about seven and haven't been able to canoe the Cahulawassee River or pick up a banjo since.

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