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Flagged up

Ryan Dilley | 15:53 UK time, Thursday, 7 August 2008

i'm all right, JackSainsbury's has responded to the flagged food enquiries. Tom_Harrop asked iPM why the supermarket puts the Saltaire on Scottish food, while a Union Flag features on the packaging of produce from say, Herefordshire.

Sainsbury's says:

Thank you for bringing Mr Harrop's concerns on labelling to our attention. As it happens it couldn't be more timely: where food comes from is higher on the customer agenda than ever before, and at Sainsbury's we go to great lengths to find suppliers all over the UK to satisfy customer demand for regionally produced food. We asked our customers their views on how we could clearly tell them where our food comes from - in Scotland they said that the Saltaire on packs would represent Scottish food, whilst in England they said that the Union Jack should represent products that come from England. We do listen to what customers tell us and we take note of Mr Harrop's comments.
Also, iPM IS WATCHING YOU! Almost. iPM is watching you

From Saturday George Orwell's diaries will be published as a daily blog, each entry being released 70 years to the day since it was written. iPM has been given the first entry, which you can hear on the show - read out by a proper, paid actor. I can't give too much away, but George grabs something 2' 6'' long.

Your Saturday might not be nearly so eventful, but even so, iPM would like to read your diary entry for August 9th, 2008. Post them on the blog or entrust them to email.

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