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Can you help "crack" this egg story?*

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Marc | 13:49 UK time, Wednesday, 23 April 2008

There are few certainties in life: birth, death, taxes and egg yolks being yellow.

Only they aren't always.

Philip Robinson emailed iPM (you can as well by clicking here ), alerting us to something intriguing he'd found on this blog.

John Conners' blog entry relates how he was tucking into a poached egg and saw that the egg yolk was WHITE. And he's not alone. Comments on his blog have come from across the UK and even America, all from people who have also found white egg yolks. But no-one seems to know why or how it happens. In fact, if you turn to Google (other search engines are available) and search "white egg yolk", the only relevant entry...is John Conners' blog!

So iPM is stepping in to help. We've contacted those in the know, and we'll try to have the answer for Saturday.

But we're also turning this over to you. If you have any thoughts about how an egg yolk ends up white, or if you've ever found one yourself, share what you know in the comments section below.

UPDATE FROM JEN: So here we are, all is revealed...sort of. We spoke to Andrew Joret, chairman of the Technical Committee of the British Egg Industry Council. He's never seen a white egg yolk in all his years as chairman and, just for iPM, he explains why that is -

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*The options for some poor egg-related pun were many, and the above was the best I could come up with. Alternative suggestions are also welcome in the comments section...

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