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Market troubles..what should we look at?

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Chris Vallance | 16:00 UK time, Thursday, 27 March 2008

markets_pic.jpgA very strong response to the call on the BBC's Have Your Say site for news about how the credit crunch is affecting you. And we've had a couple of emails asking us to take a look at what's happening in the markets. For example Leonard writes that:

Equity fund merchants seem not to be in the news recently. They borrowed huge sums in order to take over various companies most of which had no great debt problems before the take-over. Now they are saddled with considerable debt possibly making them vulnerable. Is this being investigated?

Clearly the economic situation will get extensive coverage elsewhere, and the challenge for us on iPM will be to find the stories that the rest of the media aren't reporting. We'll need your help to do that. I'm sure within the PM audience there are many people with expertise in this area. If you think you have an angle on this story the press pack haven't cottoned onto yet, do get in touch.

UPDATE: Finally getting round to updating this post. Thanks due to City Unslicker for some interesting tips on where to look. He pointed me to the Interactive Investor Blog and that in turn had a link to this article about blogs and their affect on stock prices.

UPDATE II Another chat with the City Unslicker team raises the question of whether the spin on the crisis we get is too positive. It was put to me that Government and financial institutions and indeed the market have an interest in talking down the crisis. Bloggers have rather different motivations of course. I was directed to the Bearwatch blog which I've enjoyed reading. Are they right, are we underplaying the risk of an economic melt-down.


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