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Cyber-threats in Virtual Worlds and Beyond

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Chris Vallance | 10:59 UK time, Monday, 3 March 2008

The threat from cyber-attacks, whether from nation states, criminals or terrorists is not just to one individual company or website, but to the net itself. That's the verdict of Kenneth Silva Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for VeriSign. Mr Silva oversees the management of two of the world's 13 Internet root servers key infrastructure for the internet. In the interview below, where we also hear from Roderick Jones a former Special Branch Officer and internet security expert and Andrew Cochran of the Counter Terrorism Foundation, Mr Silva points to the recent temporary loss of availability of YouTube owing to action by the authorities in Pakistan as indicating some of the vulnerabilities of key systems.

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The panel came together ahead of a meeting, held on Friday, hosted by the Counterterrorism Foundation looking at "Meta-Terror: Terrorism and the Virtual World". Roderick Jones has made a special study of the security risks associated with virtual worlds, and there's much more on this in the interview.

In collaboration with my colleague Mark Ward at BBC News Online there's an article based, in part, on this interview with much more detail about the US "Reynard" project we mention in the interview.

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