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The Beagle Project

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Chris Vallance | 17:03 UK time, Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Happy Darwin Day. And to mark the 199th birthday of the great scientist we're taking a look at the Beagle Project a blog led campaign to raise funds to rebuild HMS Beagle and retrace Darwin's historic voyage. I've a piece on PM which has already stirred up controversy in which I talk to Peter McGrath and Karen James of The Beagle Project (and there's a longer interview with Peter here). And as a blog exclusive I spoken with Randal Keynes great-great grandson of Charles Darwin, and someone with a continuing interest in the Galapagos and The Voyage of The Beagle

As well as the Beagle Project, I've greatly enjoyed visiting the blog of Darwin and Captain FitzRoy's journals. Today for example Captain FitzRoy wrote: This night we had dry beautiful weather, the leaves and sticks on the ground crackling under our feet as we walked, while at the ship, only sixty miles distant, rain poured down incessantly.

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