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Thanks for your 'i' photos

Jennifer Tracey | 13:00 UK time, Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Mike Bowman's self-portait he sent iPM

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the iPM photo gallery. We're approaching the end of our first series on air - but the blog continues as usual.

When we first set up the gallery on the Flickr photo-sharing website, we thought we'd make it as easy as possible for everyone who wanted to take a picture that reflected 'i' and we added all the images emailed to the iPM Flickr group on behalf of our audience. However, Flickr asks that everyone adds their own pictures for copyright and legal reasons.

So, unfortunately, we'll be taking down the images we uploaded on your behalf on Friday 21 December 07. Those of you who added your own images - thanks very much and they'll remain.

You're still very welcome to contribute, but bear in mind you'll need a Flickr account to do so. All the information is in our earlier post.

Thanks again and drop us a line if you have any queries - ipm@bbc.co.uk

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