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Websites for the greater good

Marc | 13:49 UK time, Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The internet might seem at times to be a mass of games, pornography and silly videos of a monkey on a bike.

But thankfully it's not all like that.

We were alerted to a site which helps make your local area a better place. No matter where you live in the country, you can use Fixmystreet to let your local council know about problems like flytipping, potholes or noisy dogs.


From there, we were recommended the website of Redbridge Council in London, which is widely held to be one of the best local authorities when it comes to "interactivity" with local residents. It's using what's known as a "mash-up" - combining data from more than one source - to get problems fixed in its local area much more quickly.


You can listen to interviews with both FixMyStreet and Redbridge council below - but we at iPM want to know the websites or blogs which you use to help make where you live a better place. Tell us about them in the comments section, or email ipm@bbc.co.uk

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