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Blogging in Iran

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George South | 14:53 UK time, Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Observant readers of last weeks running order will have noted several items that didn't make it to air, squeezed out by our late-developing NHS story.

Here's one of them, as scripted by Eddie:


The rough notes section on the blog is our ideas area. It's your area too and it was this post from Dan Bennett that led us down our next path. Dan asked:

Any chance of getting an interview with Ahmadinejad about writing and reading his blog?!

It just so happens that for the first time in the best part of a year, the Iranian leader chose this week to bring us an update. He's says he has been overwhelmed by the response spending more time on it than he should and is grateful to those who have contributed. At one point he says "I even read the messages that start with the sentence " I know that the president is not going to read this but..."

And what about those comments? Here's a selection of what the President has been reading.

Sadly, the President of Iran is unable to join us - but assuming you're not the country's leader - what is it like to blog in a country like Iran? iPM has been speaking to Parastoo Dokouhaki (Pron: pa-ra-STOO Dor-koo-HAK-ee), who writes the blog parastood.com.

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